Home Discussion Forum Do you think dogs have ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)?

Do you think dogs have ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)?

Some howl as the ambulance approaching. Some bark at nowhere(maybe at ghosts). Some always know when its owners coming home and wait at the door, and more.


  1. WOW!..Mine are so gifted at esp that it blows me away! That is what I love most about this breed…
    the other night I decided to give a little test..as I do now n then..I was washing dishes, and noticed a piece of weiner on the drainboard..I kept my back to Phaedre, and my hands in the dish water, and just thought, ” I’ll bet Phaedre would like this piece of weiner”, and there was Phaedre..bumping the back of my leg, wagging excitedly. She had been under the table, appearing to be asleep…She never comes in the kitchen when I am working there..

  2. Absolutely! My animals have always acted weird. I have cats now and at my old apartment we had a ghost. The cat could see the ghost or something cause everytime we could hear it he would come tearing downstairs.

  3. i believe some are thinking that you do have an ESP.
    my answer is they have SP (sensory perception) coz they are not human.

  4. yes, my dog dozer hes still young but hes protective.. if im in a house alone watching tv or something, and hes laying on the floor, sometimes he freaks out and barks once then jumps up on the couch and lays down on top of me and stares at empty air, all the while growling at something only he can see. freaks the living crap out of me..
    so yes i do think they have a something else.

  5. I think they do have ESP if not ESP its definately something that we dont have. dogs can always feel when some bad person is coming, at least from what i’ve seen. they always find their owner and they are very smart creatures that tend to feel a lot of our emotions. and the ghost part totally happened to me when the dog was hitting the wall with her paw like she was trying to cathc something and tehre was absolutely nothing. i dont really know how or why but i do agree with that.

  6. Yes i do think they can sense things like if their owner is in trouble or something its been proven that things like that really happen.

  7. I think that dogs and animals in general can sense things that we cannot. they are so much in tune to nature. They don’t rely on the things that we (humans) do. They rely on smell and energy levels of things around them plus their fight or flight sense keeps them alive. So I would say…they sense more than we do and they keep it simple

  8. Although all dogs have some form of ESP, some are better than others. For example, my Jack Russell Terrier has not only a deep infatuation for tennis balls but has a special sensory detector for all tennis balls located in a radius of 3 miles. According to Cassey, Some tennis balls are better than others. Because of her acute senses, she is able to locate a specific ball. She is never fooled!

  9. Don’t forget the dogs that bark and howl and go crazy, and then it’s later found that there were low movement earthquakes, or even that they knew hours before large ones hit.
    Considering their senses are different from our, esp is definitly possible… in my opinion, anyway.

  10. OH YEAH!! I’m living proof. My most favorite dog, to this day, (my Weimaraner) whenever I’m distraught, appears before my bedside, as if to say, “Don’t worry, it’ll be a all right. I’m watching over you, mommy.” She’s been dead for 15 years now. But here’s the story,( actually, only one of several): Back in the 80’s, (I live in upstate NY) I was on my way to Albany. I got to a stop sign in Fonda, and all of a sudden she just started freaking out! Snarling, barking, clawing at my windshield so hard her paws were bleeding. I just sat there screaming, “Heidi, what’s the matter?” I mean I looked all around, I didn’t see anybody trying to get near the car or anything. And I put my arms around her and she just sat in the front seat shaking. Now all the cars behind me are beeping their horns ’cause I’m holding up the traffic. A guy gets out of his car and asks me if I’m all right. I say, “I’m okay. Thank you.” And she’s not barking or snarling at him, so I know it’s not him. So I pull over and let everybody else go by. And then I turn around and head on home because I think maybe my baby has epilepsy or something – I don’t know- and I gotta get her to a vet. Soon as I do that, she calms down. She stops shaking, and she’s fine. Next morning, I couldn’t stop hugging her!! Had I kept on going, I would have been one of the people on that Thruway bridge that collapsed that night, when all the cars and trucks on that bridge went down into the Mohawk river, and all those poor people drowned. Heck, it took how many months to find some of the bodies that washed so far down river? Do they have ESP? My baby sure did!!!

    • I’m really truly sorry, I know this a late reply, but i need your help! I am researching ESP on dogs and to be honest as i read this I was absolutely shocked! I mean . . . That’s amazing! Please, please tell me more about what happened that day! I am so amazed right now, you wouldn’t believe! My research depends on you so, please reply!
      Thankyou, 🙂

  11. to all those that believe in the ESPn, how do you perceive something without using senses (even ones that aren’t readily available to the human world), as EXTRA sensory perception implies? i don’t think we can perceive anything that our senses don’t pick up and neither can dogs. their senses are just a hell of a lot better than ours. that and they are a hundred times better at observing behavior and behavioral anomalies than most of us are. combined with the need to let who ever is in charge know that something is amiss, dogs can and often do pick up on and tell us things that we miss

  12. Nope..nothing does,since there’s NO SUCH THING.
    Dogs have VERY good *real* SENSES!!!
    WAY better than humans,who PERSIST in sticking them w/”Oooooooo,must be MAGIC!” silly mumbo-jumbo. duh…

  13. At times I believe so it’s amazing how a dog can sense certain things like when your coming home and what kind of mood your in even before you even say ENE thing.

  14. According to me, dogs have a great ESP. I have always heard that they can foresee events like death, or any calamity. The night in July when Andaqman was hit by Tsunami, the dogs near my house were howling. Soon after a while I sensed tremors in my home in Chennai.
    The second instance was on November 5th night when dogs were again howling and there was a death on the same or the next day around my street corner. Then again the same incident repeated and there was a dog howling four days back, a lady next door committed suicide by jumping into the well. There are many more examples. They can also sense their owners coming home even a night before, if they have been out of town. Dogs have amazing ESP.


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