Home Discussion Forum Do you think different forms of paganism are related?

Do you think different forms of paganism are related?

Like, Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism, etc.


  1. I think all religions are related.
    Assume religion had it’s roots when there was only about 1000 to 10000 people on the earth, and that when these people began to spread out they developed their own ideas on the origins of the world.
    Those ideas would have originated from the same set of core beliefs…

  2. Wiccans draw alot of their faith from former religions. Druidism is less of a religion and more of an understanding of the world. Shamanism varies greatly from practitioner to practitioner.

  3. I’m pretty sure that most of what is called “paganism” are beliefs that are centered on nature worship or the worship of spirits that are related to nature. So, yes, I believe they are related.

  4. Of course all faiths are, I follow Hinduism but at the Kali Temple that I go to there are a few pagans who have talked to me about this, I highly respect those who follow the pagan religions, it is from the religions of old that modern religions derive from. ^-^

  5. Well, some of them are. Wicca draws from the old religions of Europe so is therefore linked to most Reconstructionist paths and Druidism. Shamans vary but are similar in each culture although they can also be atheists.

  6. There are a great many similarities between most of the ‘pagan’ belief systems.
    Druids were originally children of the earth. They honoured Mother Earth and showed thanks for the gifts given and received. They also understood that it was important to not over use much of the wealth that the land provided. It was in later years that they diverted more to a bloodier and more violent practice.
    Shamans (Native Americans) held/hold to a very similar belief. No one owns the land, the land ‘Mother Earth’ provides. Giving thanks to the powers that be is a strong belief and practice, as is the concept of giving and humility. Many Native American cultures even today will often give up everything they have, knowing that the Great Spirit will give back 10 fold what they have given up.
    Wiccans very strongly uphold that Mother Earth is our provider and the one who watches over us and sees to our needs. Being responsible in how and what we use is extremely important, as is giving back to Mother Nature so that we do not use up all of the resources we are gifted with. It is also strongly believed that what goes around comes around. What is given comes back 10 fold to the giver. So one needs to be careful what they do to others.
    Shinto is a very old and venerable belief system, but holds also to similiar beliefs as those above. Cleanliness is highly enforced, even to having facilities provided to clean ones self before entering the shrines. All things, regardless of whether animal, vegetable, or mineral has a spirit, or soul and each kind has a respective Kami/God to watch over them. Those who respect all life in all of its many and varied forms, gives thanks to the respective Kami for the gifts provided, and used the resources responsibly were often believed to be rewarded or blessed by the Kami.


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