• Deepak is for real. His take on consciousness is truth. I am living it and getting closer all the time. Ideas that are foreign to us are not easy to accept. Here in the west, true spirituality is mostly unknown. People here don’t understand consciousness. Thanks to people like Deepak such is known to us on this side of the world. I call it the xian side of the world, the most asleep people on the planet. We need more like this man.

  • Look in the real world.
    Decode this lyrics ” You’ll see ”
    “Wonderful world”
    Quantum leap?
    With science and mathematics?
    Luke 21.30-36
    Luke 9.25,55-56,60
    Luke 24.44-45,47-48
    What do you think?

  • I think Deepak Chopra is much too concerned with himself. While he may have started out along a philosophical bent he has taken turning inward too far.

  • In an interview with Richard Dawkins, Deepak said that he used quantum physics as a metaphor.

    But honestly I think that’s just cause Richard backed him in to a corner.

  • I’m starting to have my doubts about Deepak, having seen him in a debate. Gets really defensive, and hurls a lot of babble around.

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