Do you think consciousness is a fluke of the universe or is at the basis of reality?

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It’s what makes it possible for us to observe reality. Our observation of reality greatly filters what we see. Consciousness isn’t the basis of reality as a whole but certainly dictates what it looks like.


People call something “a fluke” when something seems improbable to the person calling it a fluke, but we have thousands of species of living creatures on this planet alone that have consciousness in some degree, so clearly it is not a fluke, but a commonplace. Given the massive amounts of organic compounds floating about the cosmos, life is probably a commonplace,and where there is life consciousness is probably a commonplace, in this universe and perhaps all others.


It’s no fluke. It’s an evolutionary characteristic or instinct. It’s similar to a goose being aware that it’s time to pack up and fly south.


Not a fluke, but ask about intelligence.


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