Home Discussion Forum Do you think cats can sense negative energy in a household?

Do you think cats can sense negative energy in a household?


  1. Absolutely! I have three cats, one hides when he senses tension, one stands back and watches wide-eyed, and the other gets between us and tries to distract us from bickering (my husband and I).

  2. yes and no, yes because you have clean there litterboxes and they can hurt you and scratch you. and no because they are really quite lovable and thats what i love about having indoor cats.

  3. Most definitely!! Years ago I was dating this drug addict and needless to say there was a lot of drama and fighting going on in my house. Luna, my eldest cat, started peeing in weird places – on my bed, on jeans if you’d left on the floor. And when I finally gathered up his things and shoved them in his duffle bag she peed on that before he left! And once he was gone? She never peed anywhere other than in the litterbox ever again.

  4. Absolutely. After the tragic death of a close friend, my two cats stopped fighting and would purr me to sleep at night. They knew I needed support.

  5. yup. i think cats can sense ALOT of things, peoples personalitys, negative energy, positive energy, tension, ect… i beleive ALL animals are extremely smart, ok, well except fish. there not that smart. 😛

  6. Cats are very keen observers,
    They are always sizing up and analyzing situations . Thier instinct are sharp of course they can sense negative energy in household.
    My cat would come over to me and purr and rub against me , then lick my tears away!


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