Home Discussion Forum do you think cats can judge?

do you think cats can judge?

very important room-mate debate:
can cats make judgements? do cats judge people?
some of us think so, because these people have sort of romantic ideas about cats, that they ‘know what you’re thinking’ etc…
then some of us think not, because cats lack the cognitive abilities, the concepts of past and future needed to gather evidence and formulate a judgement. cats are curious, sure, and are able to acquire and retain information, but can this information be used in making a judgement? or just for blind survival?
help us settle this argument.
please give a clear and educated argument, and include your definition of judgement. cite sources for extra karma. personal experience ok.


  1. Cats don’t know what you’re thinking, but they do understand their surrounding and will judge whether they like you or not on how you treat them, just like judging their food before they eat it, etc.

  2. Sure they can, but do cats judge things based on the same knowledge and sociocultural ideals that humans do? No, that would be absurd. Cats judge things based on their feline instincts.

  3. i honestly believe that my mother’s cat had a sixth sense about the guys i used to bring home. if they were losers he wanted nothing to do with them and if they were good guys the cat would practly climb up their butts to be near them. he passed before i met my husband so i guess i’ll never really know 🙂

  4. People say that sometimes, that “cats know” or “dogs know”. I think it’s BS.
    Adolph Hitler was a well known animal lover. I think it’s safe to say that as an animal lover his love was reciprocated. (People hated by dogs and cats don’t tend to love them in return.) Did his animals “know”?


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