Do you think believing in astrology lowers your IQ?





Does believing in astrology make you more closed-minded?
Does it allow room for more discrimination, generalization and stereotype?


  1. There are many points raised here, I would try to enlighten the readers about it one by one.
    1. Astrology does not lower one’s IQ !
    First of all, astrology is a form of science, in the more inclusive meaning of the term.
    You don’t have to believe in it, you don’t have to have faith it in. Astrology is a science – you have to study it for years, before you can make an intelligent assessment of it.
    You have to learn to compute, to observe to do researches correlating heavenly configurations first before you can become an astrologer. In fact, during the Middle-ages, an student has to study it for 20 years before he or she can master the art/science of astrology.
    Learning the mathematics involved in the computation of the charts and learning how to put symbols together, interpret it and relate it to an individual’s life requires a higher degree of intelligence than normal.
    Certainly, individuals with higher IQ’s can learn astrology faster. W.D. Gann, was one such person with high IQ.
    During the times of intellectual bigotry and close-mindedness the intellectual giants of science were also practicing astrologers. Kepler, Brahe and Galileo were astrologers.
    In 18th century America, Benjamin Franklin, one its founding fathers and a recognized inventor and man of science practiced astrology.
    In the early part of the 20th century, Carl Jung, one of the world’s greatest thinkers – have to rely
    on astrological charts to confirm his psychological assessments of his patients.
    2. I don’t think believing in astrology makes one more close-minded. In our time, it’s actually the other way around. Dr Percy Seymour, an astrophysicist in fact noted that the scientific criticisms againsts astrology were in fact unscientific. He then formulated a “scientific” theory of astrology based on magnetism and resonance.
    Again, believing without understanding makes one close-minded. To cite an example the open-mindedness exhibited by Galileo regarding the Copernican Theory at a time when it was forbidden to do even consider it’s possibility
    to be correct is an example of an astrologer who is not close-minded. Galileo was astronomer and an

  2. No. I dare you to buy an astrology book, read it, learn all the angles and aspects and other jargon, like lots of fortune, draw up your own chart and using the book, put the chart into words based on centuries of work from previous astrologers. It takes a smart brain to do that.
    Believing in astrology doesn’t affect one’s IQ and it doesn’t make someone closed-minded. Not believing in astrology might show that someone is closed-minded about astrology though.
    Yes horoscopes can be used for discrimination, generalization, and stereotypes. For example, famous psychic Sylvia Browne wrote a book about horoscopes, and she mentioned how she loathes people who have their sun sign in Taurus.

  3. Not really, even extremely intelligent people can fall victim to fuzzy thinking. Just look at Isaac Newton and his forays into alchemy. I tend to think that believing in astrology requires a certain amount of credulity, but that’s true for any supernatural/pseudo-scientific subject.
    Leo: While I’m sure Newton was interested in the philosophical side of alchemy, he most certainly was a practitioner of the pseudo-scientific aspects as well, as evidenced by the fact that he spent many years of his life chasing after a wild goose (aka the Philosopher’s Stone) .

  4. i used to believe in astrology when i was younger and naive. but now that i’m older, i find them ridiculous and i have no idea how i could have possibly thought they were accurate. god, at some point when i was 16 i wanted to tattoo my horoscope sign on me…lmao. oh god. i used to love reading things about my sign and other people’s to see their personality. i didn’t realize most of the stuff is so general.
    i think horoscopes are just a big scam cash cow. i think everyone has certain reasons to believe in whatever, so i wouldn’t discriminate against someone just cause they believe in something i find absolutely silly. they could be extremely intelligent, but just have a little hope inside for a bigger plan or something, you know?

  5. Some people take it literally, others take it metaphorically.
    Dave: Alchemy is a philosophy represented through symbols. Its height was during the Renaissance period when freedom of speech wasn’t so free. Some of the greatest philosophy is hidden within alchemy, Newton recognised this.
    Go and read what the Philosopher’s Stone represents in alchemy, there is no physical stone. The idea of turning a metal into gold is the idea of refining oneself, it has nothing to do with the physical properties of this world.
    As I say, metaphors and symbolism.

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