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Do You Think Auras And Telepathy Might Work?

Here’s what I was thinking. With abstract thinking the mind can often subconsciously strip concepts apart and recombine them to relate things and come up with a myriad of possible interpretations at the same time. Could it be that people who see auras notice things in their subconscious which they then relate to other things in order to guess how the person feels and then based on how their mind has determined the other person feels attaches an aura to that person to make it clear to them?
I feel like I’ve been noticing if I pay close attention a certain glow around people and 9 times out of 10 it corresponds somehow with how the person feels or thinks. I see a kind of orangish-yellowish glow around myself and people who seem like me although sometimes the glow changes such as to blue. Its a shallow glow and I have to pay close attention to notice it though.
Ive also thought of telepathy. I cant do that but if someone was good enough at abstract thought could it be possible for them to put things together that they see in a person’s movements posture (its possible that what you think about effects some minute aspects of your physical movements that were not aware of on a conscious level) and the environment and then guess with great accuracy(though not 100%) what a person is thinking. And if it worked 99% of the time or even just 90% then it would make sense to call it telepathy.


  1. If someone to find and prove that telepathy and/or Auras at least exist — He’ll get a Nobel Prize at least and lot’s of Corporate contracts.

  2. David is of course right, also any person who could perform either of these two powers could also pick up a quick $1,000,000 petty cash from James Randi.
    Telepathy is thought transference between two or more people who might be in different rooms or a thousand miles apart, what you’re describing would be more akin to the study of body language.

  3. The way telepathy works for me is when I see a person or spirit close or from a distance their thoughts pop in my head, I think it’s when they think about me the same time I am of them. But I don’t think most of the times they are picking up my thoughts like I am there’s. Or is it reading their aura in someway….At first I thought it was to do with expressions, but for most of the spirits they don’t have details to show any expressions. So perhaps it’s reading their aura or countenance, it’s almost the same as reading their thoughts.
    Another way this happens to me is when I am sleeping, and if a spirit comes near me, at times my inner eye opens to see in the room and what the spirit is doing, I can also either read their thoughts as it pops in my head, sometimes it’s their personal thoughts because what it is they are thinking, and other times I was able to communicate with the spirit by telepathy as they knew what it was I was thinking and allow me to do what I was thinking. Oh and I know I am not dreaming because at times I wake up fully to see the spirit leaving. I have communicates a lot with this good spirit at times awake too and out loud voice.
    The aura or countenance, displays the feelings, emotions of our souls….aura don’t have to show color for it to be read. How else would I be doing it if I cannot see a spirits details or expressions. So I believe it’s a lot to do with the third eye, same as the inner eye or spirit eye, this is the connection that helps make telepathy work. Especially from a distance, each person would have to be thinking of one another and both have their third eye open for both to see with inner vision, thought process, and communication takes place.

  4. Yes, in Russia and the United States their have been people known to have the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis. Although, those people traditionally do not live as long as normal. I can’t remember the name of the woman anymore, but I know their was one in Russia that was tested in a controlled laboratory and was really telekinetic. She would lose mass amounts of weight and sometimes sleep long periods of time (days) after using the ability. I remember she passed away in her early 40s. I know she was able to lift two 400lb crystal spheres at the same time and separate the yolk of an egg from the white; while the egg was in a glass case (it was one of the tests they did in the laboratory). I myself am able to pick peoples voices up in my head (telepathy), but without any control. It seems to do it randomly every once in a while. The best I could describe it (trying not to sound crazy) would be like when you think in your own voice in your head, but it is another persons voice your near and you can’t control what is being said and you can verify it with that person. Every time it has done it, I have been dead on. So that would clarify to me that it is not my mind playing tricks on me. I’ve also never heard more than one person at one time.

  5. As it would appear there are unseen forces and connections between humans and animals that are not easily explained . I do personally believe in the collective consciousness, and have had interesting and curious experiences , as have many others . There has been and still is allot of scientific research being done with “PSI” abilities in humans ,animals and even plants.
    There was a researcher back in the 1970’s doing research on the power of the mind. He had a plant in his office that he wanted to experiment with so he attached a lie detector to the plant and gave it water.The lie detector registered but just very slightly. He wanted to see if he could somehow cause more of a response, he thought about it and then decided to burn the plant. Just when he thought about burning the plant the lie detector spiked measurably. Not so much as when he actually did light a match and burn the plant but when he thought about it. What was the cause of this? Did the plant sense the scientists intentions and influance a response by the plant?
    There is real work going on in the science community and real experiences happening every day by normal people.


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