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There is no logic for astrology…its just a pseudo science. I just don’t understand how some far flung planet influences your life in any way possible.If you look at personality traits for any sign they could apply to almost anyone, they are just generalizations and people just want to believe that its real. You can’t stereotype people based on these things.Frankly I am just interested in knowing your opinions on this and even if you do think it is then please elaborate by giving specific reasons.


  1. The worst part is that it was invented about 3,000 years ago. Back then the twelve constellations did match the Sun’s apparent path. Since then, procession of the Earth’s axis means that there are now 14 constellations in the ecliptic, and the dates are off by an average of 45 days.
    And people trust this crap to forecast their futures?

  2. I believe that the time of year that a person was born, or even concieved , as well as the conditions of conception, such as deep love, extreme lust, or even anger and violence, plays some part in the personality and attributes of the child.
    I also believe that these conditions may also cause some people to have a predisposition of NOT beliving in anything that cant be prooven to them. It might not be as most see astrology today, but I think it all does play some part in the personality, abilities, and attributes of every person.
    I personaly find no logic In the “Organized”
    religions. Other than as a tool created by early thinkers to herd the sheep. But Many people blindly believe in some saintly entity, doling out forgivness or spite.
    I find more power in the universe itself.
    Nature is a powerful force, and every creature on this planet is created from it. We are all subject to the laws of it.

  3. I find it interesting, but I don’t put my total belief in astrology. I’m smart enough to know, not to take it too seriously. On one website it may say that i’m going to have a really bad day, but on another it could say, i’m going to have a really good day. I think read them for fun, but trust in your own gut instinct on whether you believe it to be true or not.

  4. I’m in total agreement with Will, Neo.
    Since I’ve heard of Astrology I never believed that our paths were chosen for us since the moment of our birth. That’s giving Destiny and Fate too much power, thus nullifying our own existence. Yes, human beings are reckless and destructive and may inevitably one day become extinct, but I think that’ll be due to our own stupidity, not because destiny chose our path.
    But as individuals, reading each horoscope without looking or knowing what symbol one is they wouldn’t be able to accurately determine which describes who best. They say I’m an Aries, but upon reading the other horoscopes Pisces fits me even better. The laws of Astrology determine a person’s path in life from the moment they’re born. So if the nurse was wearing pink panaties instead of blue on the day you were born; this will inevitably conclude that your life is screwed and there’s no way out of it. It’s also suggesting that our emotions and behaviors are triggered by some sort of celestial alignments rather then life experiences and the way we’ve been nurtured in our young days.
    But the biggest one that gets me is the Precession of the Equinox. Our zodiac is determined by the Sun’s Sign. The sun rises in the sky under one of twelve constellations. The calendar originated 3,000 years ago. Due to the axial wobble of the Earth the stars “fixed” position moves 1 degree every 72 years. Granted this would take a long time; 2,600 years for one sign to move into the next month. So we’ve been holding onto this traditional calendar for so long and nobody bothered to update it? The calendar says I’m an Aries. But as I look to the morning sky during the Vernal Equinox and watch the sun rise on my birthday, I see the sun rise beneath the sign of Pisces.
    And who the hell would have the final say that Virgos won’t get along with other Virgos? Who came up with the rules stating we have potential for this and not for that anyways? Who is our star reader? It’s got to be just another man capable of error, so how then, can we go by it?

  5. ….yes, it is
    a science which predicts you life in this life,
    the time, place and date of birth and the parents
    with whom are born and brought in this world,
    they all predestine your fate in this life
    which is based on your Karma in the previous births.
    Soo all the persons born at the same time and
    on the same date but art different places
    have different fates and destinies;
    but is predestined is going to happen
    no one can stop this.

  6. what is real? There is no other “thing” to obscure the moment~ there is no subject or object, no time and space. All that remains is within this openness, which neither words, nor concepts can be described. There is complete freedom from our restless attempts to hold on to something, to be secure in some distraction or some trance-like fixation. There is no fear and no guilt~no desire to escape or be any other way. I am awareness/consciousness. It is a perfect, beautiful, immediate, and spontaneous presence. The natural awareness becomes its own experience, without tightly clinging to the past moment or trying to project the next moment~without, we might say, any experience or any experience. It is totally freedom from fear, guilt, worry, expectations, projections, fixations, ideas, concepts, judgments, images, or any position whatsoever.

  7. I believe in astrology but I do not however believe in the general everyday horocopes you get in magazines or newspapers as I think that they are a load of rubbish and could apply to anyone. I do believe that there is some truth or logic you could say to astrology. I do not however live my life by it.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Astrology is real, but you won’t realize that if you haven’t studied it long enough.
    You have to read maybe tens of thousand articles, a few thousand books, a few hundred charts.
    You have to spend more than 5 years of continuous learning to know the answer yourself.

  9. I don;t know, but it’s fun to believe in 😀 A lot of my horoscopes are creepily accurate to my life and the situations I go through in the day. It’s awesome though…

  10. A lot of people have misconceptions about what astrology actually is, and what it can actually do. 🙂
    Most modern astrologers *don’t* believe that the planets “make” anything happen, but I can only speak for myself. The stars do not make anything happen to you, they’re only reflecting what is already happening via some sort of synchronicity principle. A good analogy is that a clock striking noon doesn’t make you eat lunch, but it does make it a lot more likely than lunch will be had if that’s the schedule you’re on. It’s no more “fortune-telling” than estimating when someone will lose their baby teeth or begin puberty.
    I do not believe that astrology can predict specific events, only archetypal themes that will be in play. A particular aspect can play out in an infinite number of ways, but it can not “just mean anything,” it will stick to the archetypal themes of the planets, signs, houses and aspects involved. Many psychological concepts, such as the midlife crisis, have an astrological correlate. In fact, since Jung, much of astrology has taken a psychological focus.
    For those who have not explored the subject, horoscopes are not all there is to astrology. Horoscopes only deal with a tiny part, the Sun, because that fits best in a small space and is easiest to look up. Astrology does NOT try to fit everyone into 12 boxes, and far from being purposely vague, most of you would be surprised by its complexity. A full astrological chart is based on the date, place and exact time of birth and you have a minimum of 7 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses, and the geometric relationships between them, as well as transits and progressions. Actual astrology is so complex that no one else will have the exact same chart as you do for millions of years.
    Contrary to popular belief, it has never been “debunked” by science because the ones trying to debunk it stop at the newspaper columns and never explore the subject in its entirety. In fact, most of the arguments used against it show a total and utter lack of understanding of the subject. (We know all about the two different zodiacs, we know about the Precession of Equinoxes, the geocentricity is because we’re born on Earth *not* because we don’t acknowledge the Sun as the center of the Solar system, there is no 13th sign because zodiac signs are *not* the same thing as the constellations bearing the same name, etc., etc.) And we also count among our number several doctorates and other highly-educated people who learned it so they could disprove it and found they were unable to.

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