Do you think astrology has connections with modern religion?

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Zeitgeist is where I was introduced to this. my question is if it is proven in more ways than this documentary. Also, how debatable is it?

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Dendronbat Crocoduck

Both are connected to delusional systems of thought.

Dolphins 1-2!!!!

In hinduism, yes


All religions are from outer space. Even the new ones like Scientology. The Christian god created light and dark before he created the sun.

Chas H

“While astrology today is relegated to dubious status in the back pages of newspapers, in the ancient world there was no question as to the impact of the stars on human beings. The power gained through knowledge of astrology was at times troubling and terrifying, but rarely, if ever, discounted. Astrological ideas are reflected in all manner of Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian traditions, from the vivid Jewish synagogue floor mosaics to the Star of Bethlehem and the attendant arrival of the Magi to Paul’s use of technical terminology drawn from astrology and beyond. Given the widespread impact of astrology, then, it is surprising that these traditions have received relatively little scholarly attention. It is our hope to use this year of PSCO to generate an ongoing conversation involving scholars of early Christianity, scholars of early Judaism, and other students of late antiquity in an examination of the role of astrological traditions in the Greco-Roman world, and especially in early Judaism and Christianity.”

ʍy†h ß۞mber

All of them (including Christianity) can be traced back to astrological myth.


The three wise kings who went to see Jesus when He was born believed in some form of astronomy.


Yes dear, both use magic thinking mode instead of rational thinking mode.


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