Do you think Aquarius people are Psychically intuitive to a higher consciousness!?






For some reason when i dream i know im dreaming in the dream. I am always aware of reality and my dream reality. It’s similar to being in two different worlds. There were also times when i had dreams that actually came true in life. There are times i could finish people sentences before they completed them because i heard them say it in my dream before. Also there are times when i can walk into a room and i can sense negative energy directed to me just by the thoughts of an individual. There are time when i can get emotional in depth information from a person just by standing by them. I was looking into the Aquarius sign and reading about. Most of the information i find about my zodiac is very genius like. I was wondering are there any other Aqua’s out there that have some of the same experiences. I have already heard of the lucid dreaming stuff which i think is a fake to get money. I don’t believe it has to be induced by trying to do it. My mind truly is in two dimensions at one time when i dream. If im sleep and like my mom and brother could be talking or doing wtvr in the house i can recall every event in my surroundings of reality and also in the dream world. The thing about the dream world though is the fact that it is not imaginative it is very real and im always in the same world just at a different time. When i was younger and dreamed i was in the current time we live in now living my life but at the same time i was living my life at the age i was currently at while dreaming. The thing that truly scares me is that there are life occurrences that i have experienced in the last two years that i experienced my self when i was about 10 but the weird thing is that i knew what was the outcomes of my actions and i knew exactly what action to take to benefit my self in this event. It’s truly crazy and scary and i was just wondering do people understand whats going on because i read that they said the way we think is 50 years ahead but it seems as if we truly live two dimensions at different space and time coordinates but asynchronously connected with my conscious as one regardless of the age.


  1. all people have intuition. all people are capable of being in touch with it and understanding it. with all signs there are believers and skeptics. aquarians are very artistic and i dont just mean with drawing. they are very imaginitive and view things differently from most others. this could be a reason why u r in touch with ur intuition. i truly think its what u believe in that makes u the way u r. and im not saying u trick urself into thinking u can do it. im saying u r open to it which allows u to embrace it and use it to ur favor. i am a capricorn and i always have a strong intuition. im not claiming to be psychic but i can feel things…when something just isnt right. well…enjoy.

  2. My sun sign is Leo,but my moon sign is Aquarius.I have had psychic experiences many times,not necessarily through dreams but through intuitions and third eye visions.I’ve been fascinated with the subject of psychic phenomena for about 12 or so years now.Sometimes it scares me when I can “hear” or have a vision of what someone is thinking when I sit next to them,but the fascination outweighs the fear.My very first book on the subject was:You Are Psychic by Pete A. Sanders,Jr.published by Ballantine Books.I still have it and it’s quite interesting as he gives easy methods for developing your own powers and he says that you don’t have to be “special” or “chosen” in order to have psychic abilities.Give it a read.It doesn’t cost much,maybe $12.95

  3. Aquarius is one of the signs that are kind of prone to this. I don’t remember where I read it from, but there are a couple of sources of astrology that say that Aquarians are somewhat hypersensitive to this kind of thing. Another sign that is sensitive like this is Cancer, and I am one and I also have experiences like this. Especially the whole intuitiveness when you meet someone – I know I stay away from someone upon meeting them if I suddenly feel angry by looking at them, for example. What I would say is that congrats on having that connection! It can help a lot sometimes. ^^

  4. Yes I understand u, those things happens to me all the time, especially that type of dream.
    May be just because aquarians are restless or think to much :)))

  5. Im an aquarius and i’ve too had weird psychic-like dreams! My dreams will consist of everyday normal stuff — but even though im dreaming, im aware that it is a dream. Also, often times i’ve dreamt of scenarios and it’ll happen or i’ll dream of someone i havent spoken to in forever — and they’ll contact me. The odds of these people. I would think the odds of them messaging or calling me are incredibly unlikely because they’re estranged. So that along with the fact that it happens often makes me feel like it has to be more than just a coincidence. Maybe its not psychic but definitely strong intuitiveness!

  6. I’m an aquarius indeed and the person above just explained my incidences to a tee, That happened a lot in my 20s that I would have a dream about a person and I’d see him/her the next day. That felt kind of scary to realize its more than a coincidence. I”m not very intuitive when it comes to my life though, but I’m amazingly intuitive regarding other peoples actions and lives.

  7. Wow its strange how I have dreams and at that time I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not but days later may dreams come to reality I read that being a water bearer sign gives you gifts cause ppl depend on water I don’t know hw much is tru but I do know we are very different from other signs

  8. I’m an aquarius too and I’m 13 I’ve been getting dreams since i was 7 or 8 and I never understood them and they came true and I got another dream lastnight and i dont know what to make of it . My dreams are bad .

  9. Man this is a huge aqua circle jerk, I’m a fellow aqua and know we are all full of it. And we do “trick” ourselves because we can’t compare ourselves with others. So at some point we think it’s not me it’s them, yah maybe we had a gnarly dream and we knew what happened but I know for a fact We get bored with the thought of being a super human because we know what we are, or don’t haha.

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