Do you think Anton LaVey was "Mentally ill"?

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I was watching some video interviews with Anton LaVey on YouTube the other day. I find his whole, “Chhurch of Satan” philosophy interesting. (Don’t worry, I also find murder cases interesting, but I’m not a murderer!!). Anyways, while some of the things he says actually make sense to me, alot of times he seems mentally disturbed! What do you think?

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Bob J

He was certainly “different” and his ideas aren’t mainstream. He might be considered mentally ill but, in his case, it might be a matter of perception.


No, I dont think he was mentally ill, however I do not think he had the same values as other people. Pax – C


Definitely not mentally ill.


he’s totally sane, it’s only that he is a good actor, that he has you thinking he’s deranged or otherwise different from the norm.


no, its just that some people have peeled away the mask of deception(this can be done a number of different ways, not just Satanism) and see what reality is, its not just what you are told in school and told on the evening news, but for some reason visionaries including Lavay and other religions are labeled crackpots, loonies, paranoid schizos etc etc etc, by mainstream middle of the roaders, middle of the roaders like American public school teachers, mainstreamers etc etc etc, no he is not crazy or ill just someone who has struck at the heart of reality and sees it clear as day.


I don’t think so.


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