Do you think amateur groups would be interested in replicating basic parapsychology experiments?





I understand the thrill of ghost hunting and other such activities like hunting for Big Foot.
What I’m asking is do you think groups would be interested in learning and replicating some of the older experiments in parapsychology like card guessing, throwing dice and drawing pictures to mind read to see what kinds of experiments parapsychology started with and how they were evaluated, flaws found, techniques improved, etc.


  1. In my experience, I have found that most groups involved with the paranormal are of the ghost hunting variety. Of those, many, not all, are trying to experience something personally. Because of this, there is very little cold eyed examination of evidence. I believe that this has caused the orb fanaticsm that many groups fall prey to. As a medium, I would love to be examined in various ways. In amateur groups I am more likely to be beseiged by inquiries as to how to “become” like me or people copying my behaviors without the training or any safeguards. This has caused me to withdraw from many groups.

  2. They should be interested, whether it sounds exciting or not. It will improve their skills as debunkers if they can see flaws in earlier “paranormal” phenomena.

  3. The Yahoo Groups Directory shows 150 groups in the Parapsychology category and 672 in the Psychic Abilities category. They represent different approaches and emphasize different aspects of parapsychology. There are some which do replicate basic parapsychology experiments. The list of groups offers something for virtually everyone interested in the subject.

  4. I would be interested. Did that actually prove anything? I think it would be fun to have a computer game to help improve any psychic abilities we may have.

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