This is probably an odd question to most but for those who may study demonology or possibly even church clergy, do you think a movie can transfer it’s negative energy to it’s viewers? I ask this because of movies such as Paranormal Activity and Emily Rose which toys with the idea of demons and possession. I’ve done some studies on demons and poltergeists and it seems the movie Paranormal Activity had an accurate portrayal of a demons behavior in someones home (ie, the banging on walls, shutting of doors, electrical interference). Do you think this could increase instances of such activity or even spark this activity in someones home who hasn’t had it in the past? Just curious…


  • Depression is the seed of demon possession. Extreme isolation causes feral children. Extreme exposure causes depression. Depression comes from the society you live in. A movie is able to influence thoughts and thoughts are the source of good hormones or depression hormones.

  • Hell, your daily news can do that to you. lol

    Watching a movie might effect your brain in a negative way (especially if one believes in such things) but it wouldn’t “call” or “invite” negative, so called demons. That would be your own fear.

    I think you need to expand your studies. Banging of walls, shutting of doors, electrical interference does not automatically denote a negative spirit (demon, in your case.) So if anything would “attract” them, it would be your brain, not your movie.

    But just in case, put in Mary Poppins – that will scare any negative energy right out of the house. lol

  • If you’re talking about metaphorical spiritual energy, then all I have to say is Faux News and Al-Jazeera.

    If you’re talking about real spiritual energy (i.e., the supernatural), then all I have to say is LOL.

  • i worked in the (a) theater for 8 -9 years.
    i saw everymovie i could and only walked out of 2

    i know for me, as an empath, movies of every kind would get into my psyche.
    propaganda movies are designed by words to motivate the emotions
    but one thing i know, is that sorceries and poisoning the air also contribute to emotions and feelings that happen during a movie, in one way it enhances the community involvements in the movies.
    i believe these sorceries contributed to my sleep deprivation, for more tha ten years. and the last 3 years i barely slept 10 minutes every three days.

  • The Devil is the great deceiver and will use any way he can to deceive people. I believe Cinema has been a great tool for deception.

  • Well, we read in Acts 19:19 that certain people who practiced magic, which can include the demons, after they learned the truth about what they were doing, burned their books in a fire. They knew that spirits could connect themselves to objects. Also, there is much proof in the Bible that demons look for an opportunity to find an open mind. (Acts 16:16) So, they will go after the people who are already giving them an opening. Many Bible readers do not watch those types of movies for very reason.

  • Yes, it comes through the TV screen and plasters itself to your face in the form of green slime, which then crawls up your nostrils and into your brain.

  • when we watch something that is not good to us, we must avoid, because if you keep an eye on it, you could not stop thinking about it, and it can affect our spirituality.

  • Not sure. I know I ended hating the movie “Alpha Dogs” after I got done watching it.

    It portraits the senseless killing of a young innocent teenage boy.

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