Sunday, September 26, 2021

Do you think a Kung Fu and Tai Chi guy have what it takes to be in UFC?

Like these guys in the video.
“Sensei Scandal”… I will ask whatever I want to ask aryt? I’m bored.


  1. Someone who has trained for a number of years in chinese martial arts such as pakua,, hsing i etc would certainly have what it takes to be in UFC
    The problem is that these chinese martial arts are litterally that. ie martial arts and much would not be allowed in UFC which is a sport.
    UFC does not wish to see people getting killed.

  2. They didn’t when they fought the Gracies, check out you tube where the Gracies go against people from various styles. Also, in the early UFC when it was style against style, they didn’t do so well . . . but the experts in the video would prove formidable opponents!


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