Do you think a fetus contains a soul's consciousness, or is it lacking certain aspects for a soul to inhabit?





I don’t think a fetus is an appropriate environment that would attract a soul to it. It seems to me that it’s only after a baby is born and takes it’s first breath of prana that a soul would even consider inhabiting such an underdeveloped body.
There’s a genetic personality of a fetus that is just mechanical DNA inherited from it’s parents, but that doesn’t mean it has a soul’s personality occupying the fetus. I think that adds to the confusion of a fetuses and whether it is actually alive. However, I don’t think an evolved soul with a completely evolved consciousness can inhabit an underdeveloped body as in a fetus. It doesn’t make any sense.


  1. Personally, I think that the fetus, being a fetus (already conceived and developing), has a life force. And that life force could be called a soul. I believe that life force and soul are interchangeable terms.
    As for being appropriate for a soul, it’s a fetus and is already human. But I also believe that humans don’t have exclusive rights to souls. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that souls are endowed at the moment of conception. Some make it through to birth, some don’t. And the ones that don’t return to the ether to inhabit another.

  2. I believe the human fetus has a soul AND a consciousness. All three of my kids showed their personalities before they were born and had means of interacting with us (like pushing back if I applied pressure to the shape of their fist under my skin). All three of my kids knew me and knew their dad’s voice from the very MOMENT they were born, so they had to have learned to recognize us before they were born. This requires brain function and IMHO a soul.
    It should be noted that scientists cannot measure brain waves of a very small fetus, but that doesn’t mean the brain waves aren’t there. It might just mean that their instruments are not sensitive enough to pick up the brain waves of a very small person.

  3. I don’t think the soul is “locked into” a particular body until birth. Until then, the woman and the soul of the *potential* child are each free to change their mind (abortion or miscarriage). Birth is like signing on the dotted line, the point of no return: once you’re born, you’re beginning the life you signed on for.
    Just my own personal opinion. 🙂

  4. Maybe it does, but it is slightly different
    maybe it is not enclosed around the unfinished body yet, and is more spread out like a cloud surrounding the body.
    When we die our souls wrap themselves around newly formed universes
    (God is the multiverse)
    God teaches us to look inside ourselves to manipualte the universe we become (we also exist and lok like we do now) but th looking inside is almost liek meditation or something.
    If a baby/fetus dies or something, it does that same thing.

  5. a fetus contains a consciousness based upon its capacity to hold a consciousness, so in other words very little. It’s like asking how intelligent is a fetus, not very since it’s brain hasn’t developed yet. But the fetus’ soul is still a soul, all souls are identical, and there are not a trillion souls but only one Supreme Soul. Bodies are different from soul.

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