The Ryder-Waite deck is used to set the board. The chess game is then played out. Giving a bit more detail to the actions inherent in the reading.


  • Well, this is a good question.
    I would say that it would be interesting but I would say that for me it would be too much.
    Too confusing as well as too many signals coming in all at one time that for me it would not work well.
    It is something which I would like to observe and see how it would play out.
    Good question-thanks

  • To each thier own.
    Me personally…wow, that would just be distracting and somewhat confusing. Divination is a way to enhance your own “inner knowledge”, it is very much an individuals choice with what they are comfortable with.
    For someone like me, who finds chess confusing it would not add any accuracy to me…for you, perhaps.

  • Interesting idea, but though I think it might increase precision, it may not increase accuracy. It seems to reduce the intuitive tool to one that requires more conscious and concrete thought, which really removes the divination aspect.

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