Do you thin the galaxies and stars are trying to communicate with each other by different color?






Just a random question , tell me what you think. I was thinking since the universe is ultimately filled with different galaxies to make up the universe. Are they trying to communicate something by its color or the way its shaped? Just a question I radomly came up with. I know through chakra and meditation practice , each color has its meaning such as blue= communication = green = balance, red= motivation= purple = healing and so on.
i guess my questions wasn’t clear. I am not talking about TALKING or trying to say EAT A JOES. Well its hard to explain because this is a higher level of thinking. Indirect communication perhaps is better. i mentioned each color and its meaning and the people still give me logical answer instead of using a spiritual aspect when we are all spiritual beings. Think outside the box before you give an answer. No i am not on weed, It makes your teeth yellow and that is nasty. I just think if we look into a microscope on to our bodies and focus on a flake of skin how big it would look and each flake of skin is part of something greater. We are all different colors because it was environmental adaptation tool. But beyond that each race and color has a different culture and rules they live by. Then different cultures combine with each other and trade. Thats why italians are eating mexican foods. I just think there is something beyond science in this matter but I like to make up theories :D.


  1. Um… No.
    Galaxies and stars are not sentient beings; they do not communicate.
    If a civilization were trying to communicate with us, they could no more change the color of their home star than we could.

  2. Stars are different colors based on how massive they are (or aren’t) and at what stage in life they are at. Science has found no evidence that stars can sense the types of light coming at it from other distant stars and galaxies, so I would say not likely.

  3. The vast distances between universes and planets will not allow color to be adhesive enough to reach any other planetary bodies. Communication is mostly done by technological methods. We have tried here on Earth to communicate with the universe for many years by radio/wave beams, etc. with no results. Good thought but not feasible.

  4. I would think and hope that intelligent life would have better things to do than change the color of the light bulbs. A most preposterous suggestion is what I think of your question.

  5. No, because the colors and shapes do not change. So any “message” consists of only one word. Not much that you can say with a message like that.

  6. Not since “Desperately Seeking Susan” came out. Now they use the personal ads in newspaprers to communicate.

  7. Yes. All the time we have been using radio waves, which is probably the best way to communicate, but other beings could be using something we don’t even know about. Maybe even gravity waves which are the newest thing. Let us not be so closed that we think we know all the physics there is to know!
    Who knew about radio waves 300 years ago?

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