Do you take a spiritual bath before a ritual and doing magick?

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Lady Astarte

Sometimes I do in order to reach the necessary state of mind. It all depends on if I feel a lot of negativity around me at that time.


It depends on what I am going to do. For simple things that I might do any old day like meditating, blessings, etc. I do not bother with a cleansing bath. For the big things like initiation or certain ceremonies, then yes, I spend time soaking before hand 🙂


Yes, not all people do this, but I find that it really helps me to relax and center myself before doing any rituals and especially if I’m going to be working with High Magik.


I often just do it on the fly. Because I am usually using it to defend myself against my jerky ex boyfriend (a ceremonial magickian) May karma smack him right in the tail.


I do for some things, it helps to get in the right mindest and reflect.


I do. I take the time to relax and get my mind into the right mind set. The water takes away all my thoughts and frustrations of the day and allows me to focus on the upcoming magick.

Donald J

Back when my practice focused on doing magickal works, the answer was yes. My second Wiccan group was much less focused on doing works and focused more on ones spiritual path.
I still try to take a cleansing bath before any ritual.

Frater Pan

Yes, absolutely. Before I do a ritual, I like to take a ritual bath to prepare myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually, for the ritual. I use bath salts that I blend with hyssop, lavender, and rosemary. I relax, meditate, and clear my mind while in the bath, putting all other concerns aside apart from the ritual at hand. Then, I dry off, annoint my forehead with Oil of Abramelin, then put on the Robe that I made when I was initiated. This process is all about setting aside your mundane persona, and empowering yourself with your Magickal persona for the purpose of the ritual.
Now, I only do this when I’m doing serious Magick. For daily adorations, or a Sabbat celebration, I don’t bother with a ritual bath.


I used to. I like baths. and I like Lavender as a scent during baths.


My usual work is more spontaneous that ritualistic. If I am planning to do a special ritual then I will bathe as part of the preparations.


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