Do you subscribe to the religious philosophy known as Tantra?

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why or why not?

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Fly on the Wall

No but tried Tantric Sex that was good


I don’t know enough about it. Most of what I know about Tantra is sexual yoga. Marvelous, but hardly a philosophy of itself. Besides, my partner committed suicide over three years ago.

Little O Me

I never heard of it. So I guess I don’t.


Tantra actually has nothing to do with sex…It is only a different approach to raising the Kundalini inside of your body and sustaining that energy through a defined set of Chakras in that specified order. There are many ways to open the Chakras and of course, what order it is suggested to be done. Let me just suggest that the word Yog(a) means Union…that being the union between your physical self and your spiritual being. It is your union and your path so only you know which method works for you. Yog(a) is not just a set of exercises that many in the West associate it with. Yog(a) is an 8 fold path whereupon the asanas or positions are only 1 part of the practice. It is important to research before you set out…try to start simple if you have never involved yourself before. Be cautious who’s advice you take…especially on the subject of Tantra because there are uncountable misbeliefs on its’ practice and even yet there are many frauds that do use those misbeliefs to promote odd sexual explorations. Just remember that it is your Union, take it slowly and feel good about it….Any books by Sivananda press are incredible reference tools.


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