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Do you shield your Tarot in wooden Boxes? What kind of wood and why?

Example: I’ve more than a few decks. The example is the ebony books I had made for my Thoth Deck. Being a Crowley creation the ebony holds it and its vibrations well.


  1. I actually have a blue glass box with an etched pentacle on the lid and a mirrored bottom that I use for my witches’ deck. My other decks sort of just stay in what they came in but every month I put all of my decks on window sills the night of the full moon to cleanse them of any energy impurities. I think it is more a matter of preference than a set rule of where you should shield them and in/with what. I think that as long as you don’t let anyone else touch them and keep them in a protected area, you should be fine.
    blessed be )O(

  2. . i keep my cards wrapped in silk cloth and use the cloth to lay the cards on.i also put a crystal on top of the cloth.i do this because it feels right at the moment i use amethyst

  3. Hello Terry
    You do not have to place your Tarot cards in anything. It is one of those tarot superstitions.
    If the user / owner is positive then the cards will be fine, so just make sure that they are in a box etc that will keep them from physical damage.

  4. I keep one of my decks in a wooden box that my husband made out of rosewood. My “on the road” deck, I keep in a tarot tote, which is tucked down inside a little shoulder bag that was made by an Oglala Sioux. My most used deck is sitting on my desk, on top of my tarot cloth, with a clear, natural quartz crystal laid on top of the deck. I don’t really buy into the superstition. But I do clear my decks often, as I do several readings a day. I feel that the protection is mostly a ritual performed by the mind. The props are fun, and keep the tarot deck personal to each of us, but that is all it is, in my opinion. Plus, I’m a neat freak, and I like to keep my decks all neat, clean, and in order, so the little box helps.

  5. I used to keep them in a box made of teak wood but they didn’t like it so I stopped keeping them there. I keep my tarot deck wrapped in black cloth and my faery oracle in a bag made of purple velvet. I really liked the teak box so I keep other things in it, like my rose quartz point I use for healing and a couple of 4 leaf clovers I have found over the years.


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