Do you see life from God's view, Is God owner of everything and everyone on earth?





Our time on earth and our energy, intelligence, opportunities, relationships, and resources are all gifts from God that he has entrusted to our care and management.
What do you ascertain from it all?
Remember now our bodies are just here temporary.
The real God in heaven.


  1. A typical human question that deserves a painful answer: There is no reason for your God to exist.
    Which God are you talking about? Zeus, Allah, Yahweh….

  2. Yes, indeed I do very much try and see my life and all around me from the Scriptural portrayal of the LORD God’s view. I am certain that I have untold blessings and I am so thankful for them.

  3. It depends…
    If you see yourself as the center of the universe, it doesn’t matter how many gifts are bestowed on you… in the long run, you will stumble and there will be no one to pick you up… because you have isolated yourself from all that have ever cared about you.
    If you are cognizant of those who have contributed to your quality of life (and yes, you can include God, if you wish), you can in turn raise them up in their time of need… a positive comment given in a timely fashion goes a long way in helping someone who is having a tough day…
    People are the most precious resource that we have… over the centuries and recent decades, we have shown that we have been poor stewards of this commodity…
    Have all our gifts… energy… intelligence… resources… doors of opportunity… healthy relationships been used for the betterment of mankind?
    I am not omnipotent… I am more like Job… An informed guess is that the choices made by all will wash out in the end… but in the meantime, I will await for further instructions…

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