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Do you see colors when you close your eyes?

Not only that, but can you manipulate what color and shape you see? Not to mention the occasional “picture” that seems to be portrayed at fast speeds?
I’ve read some spiritual stuff about chakras and the third eye and what not, not to mention about the pineal gland. But does anybody happen to know a scientific explanation behind this whole “color” thing?
Peace and one love.
Also, I would post this in the religion and spirituality forum but I dont feel like being condemned or anything


  1. I believe that these colors are the visibility of energy. I am not very spiritual so I do not believe in the third eye and that stuff, however, I do believe in auras. An aura would be the “crown” chakra. Around someones head** I believe if you look above someones head you can see a “color” like you said and it tells what they are feelig because the energy surrounds their body and is so small that it is actually inside of the body and comes out a little…. kinda hard to explain but I hope that this helps!
    “What is the Aura ?
    Everything in the Universe seems to be just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary “particle”, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations. Hence, we may define the Aura as a electro-photonic vibration response of an object to some external excitation (such as an ambient light for example). This definition is sufficient for the purpose of reading Auras, providing that we can train ourselves to see the Aura vibration.”

  2. I think this is more of a physiology than a philosophy question. When you deny yourself the use of any of your senses, the mind will often just make stuff up to “fill in the silence”. If you put someone in a tank of water where they are floating freely in complete pitch darkness and as absolute silence as possible, sooner or later the mind starts to invent things – you start to hear, feel, see and even smell things which are simply not there because the mind need input in order to function properly. So, when you close your eyes, the mind starts this process with simple colors and then progresses to images. Some people can manipulate what they see, by controlling their minds: nothing mystical need be invoked in this matter: it’s pretty straight-forward, logical and can be demonstrated rather easily.

  3. Visual information can be produced via the sensory organs and sent to the visual center in the frontal cortex without any external stimuli. You can also get situations where you can smell colors, or hear tastes (or any combination of senses) because of the associations artificially produced by certain psychotropic substances (fly agaric).
    There is still light coming through your eye lids with color and all. The particular experience you are having is not something I’m entirely familiar with, but colors can come through your eyes or produced artificially.
    Dreams (for example) are artificial sensations that start at the base of the brain releasing expectations accumulated during the day sent through the sense organs and because the sense organs are not picking up new stimuli, associations (symbols) are produced and experienced.
    It actually has very little to do with the pineal gland or DiMethylTryptamine (DMT) which was a myth I picked up after reading “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”. I don’t know if that’s what you are referring to or not, but as I understand it, it’s a myth with regard to dreams.
    I personally have seen lots of colors under the influence of psychedelics and sober, but I don’t see how it relates to chakras or a third eye. I tend not to believe things that include those terms because nobody I’ve asked has even attempted to try and demonstrate their validity, and instead treated me with hostility. That seems to be a consistent occurrence with regard to spirituality in general. That’s my experience anyway.

  4. occasionally, when there is light filtering through my eyelids or i am clinching them closed tight. that is it. i haven’t tried the rest.

  5. This is something that many people have been reporting in recent months especially. My apologies but I do not believe there is a scientific or medical term that fully describes what is happening. Some claim it is a natural response to the intense energies that have been saturating the earth. Many claim that our physical bodies were programmed with a wake up call… as we begin to raise our vibration and put an effort into spiritual development, there are distinct physical changes that take place. The most noticeable is an activation or awareness of our innate physic gifts. Just wondering if you had explored astral projection or the shamanic journey. It sounds as though clairvoyance may well be at least one of your abilities.
    If you wish to see how far you can take it, I would highly suggest that you try something. When you lay down and get comfortable, take a few minutes to get settled in. Pay attention to any images, but especially what appear to be locations. When it/they show up, decide which one you wish to explore and step into the image. If it’s a lonely quiet street, for example, see the buildings pass on either side of you as you walk or float by them. What this does is assists in beginning to have lucid dreams, where you’re not just an observer in the dream but the director. It is also excellent prep for astral projection and shamanic journeying. I’ll leave a link below that you might find of interest and will give you a basic understanding of what shamanic journeying is and what you can achieve and accomplish with this form of spirit travel.
    All I can add is that, like many of the symptoms we’re experiencing during this ascension process, medical science does not have the answers or the understanding.

  6. But does anybody happen to know a scientific explanation behind this whole “color” thing?
    ~~~ Exactly! Read a bit of online stuff about the structure of the human eye!
    Close em as lightly push on the sides of your eyes (still closed). It stimulates the rods and cones that are involved with color…
    It’s some interesting stuff, and is a relatively easy read…
    And then you’ll know what science says! *__-
    Religion might ‘say’; ‘chakras’ or ‘third eyes’ or levitating FSMs or whatever…
    Everything is True!

  7. umm what if the colors turn into organized patterns that resemble mosaics or prisms that are tightly compacted together? I even see them with my eyes open when its dark or ive been concentrating for awhile…does that mean anything different?

  8. in church before service-in the quiet-I close my eyes I see either dark red or brighter green-usually I can see images of faces or eyes (sometime open or closed)-the faces are like negative pictures-some look familiar-once I saw a boy about 2 or 3 in a yellow and blue striped shirt-it really startled me-on rare occasions I see blue – with the exception of the little boy I feel comforted.


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