Home Discussion Forum Do you see colors around peoples heads or bodies (halos & auras)?

Do you see colors around peoples heads or bodies (halos & auras)?

We are all capable of this if we become conscious of it. If you learn to interpret the colors, you can tell what people are thinking and feeling.


  1. i havent been able to see colors. i just see a crazy gas like substance around thier bodies and mine too. i wish i could, but i think the more time i spend in front of this pc, my gift is slowing being drained from me.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen people covered with light. Their own emanated aura. No one can truly hide. lol When I’m feeling vulnerable, even at night, I wear my sunglasses. What do you think of being told your aura is black?

  3. For a very long time I have been able to see the auras of people who are going through a sad time in their lives and the col ours are very grim and ugly and they are in need of a lot of help from above from the divine light of the soul.

  4. I am a nurse and not only do I see halos around people I also see a bright white light of peoples body when i look at them. Yes, some are dim, but some radiant. I am a very spiritual person. I am 32 I do not think cataracts is the issue. I think if you are connected to the devine and believe we are all made up of energy that its not a bad thing. Love and rejoice in it. I do not believe its a paganistic sign but a gift from God. At times i have to ignore what I see when im around people. At times I can feel energies from people, good and bad, but you must learn to know how to shut it off. I don’t think im special or think I am above anyone I just chose to open myself up to it. I have read people when channeling energy and I think its amazing. Jesus had a halo around his head and many saints in pictures. I think its interesting to see. I believe something in those pictures mean great things. I believe we all have it but we just dont use it. GOD BLESS… and good luck. If you believe otherwise i feel bad for u bc it is a beautiful thing. Just stay in touch with the good and block any bad entities and you will be fine.

    • I first saw aura when I was around 13. My Aunt was standing in our kitchen with other members of the family. No one else was glowing around their head. It was very shocking. I left to stand on the front porch and I thought about it, it was strange. I went back to the kitchen and there she was with her head in a light golden haze. I never saw it again until I was about 20. I attended church with a friend and I noticed an older lady sitting two rows in front of me. There it was, the glow. She looked so serene, her face was so soft, she wore a mink collar on her coat. After church, everyone was leaving and our eyes met. That strange feeling again. The next time, I was married with a son. He became friends with a boy his own age up the street. The first time I saw him, I saw the aura, but it was an orange pink glow. I never saw him again. He and his family moved back to another town. My son revealed to me that he lived in a bad situation at his home. I’ve been haunted for years by these auras.

  5. I do see it. Its not only around their heads though. I see it around their bodies as well. Everybody has a different color around them. Am i crazy?

  6. I also have been able to see colors around people and sometimes objects since I was 13. The colors I see in people do not change. If I “look” (as it isn’t really looking-hard to explain) I will first see a white outline. When I look deeper, I can see the hazy color, which is more like a band of color, and if I look really hard I see a third color, which is more like a smudge, which I can’t see for very long. I’ve seen every color; including black. I do not know what the colors mean. I never have. So I don’t really “look” anymore. Black doesn’t mean evil or sick. the books on auras do not correlate with what I see and what the people are like who have the corresponding color. Wish I knew what the colors meant, but I don’t. Useless gift lol

    • You may be like me, because what you explained sounds exactly like the thing I have. I’m a synesthetic, and the colors don’t always make sense, but I know that if the smudge is a dark or ugly hue then I won’t or already don’t like them

      • Really? discernment of spirits? Tell me where in the Bible it talks about colors around people. I have read about the gift of discernment but not about colors.
        I used to know what the colors meant as it corresponded with how I understood the person felt.
        I don’t remember what all the colors meant but I remember that red was anger. At least that’s how I understood it. Can’t see them anymore.

  7. My father was talking to me one day said he could see halos on people different color halos could tell you when somebody was going to die he said he prayed God would take it away he said there were times he didn’t want to know didn’t want to see them then all of sudden he didn’t want to talk about it any more I’m interested in what he said that’s all I know he was very serious about not wanting to talk about it any more he saw some things that scared him I know by watching him something about that really bothers him

    • This is so sad when someone has a gift as this is and does not know what to do with it.
      If he is still alive please ask him to ask God/his guide to surround him with a protective white light, and to close his psychic door until he needs it again and especially at bed time. May God’s love and light surround both of you.

  8. One of my friends told me about seeing halos today. He said they are above everyone’s heads and anyone can see it with enough practice. There’s an upside-down triangle of energy extending from the crown chakra to about a foot above the head. The halo sits on that energy.

  9. I see light around others. I always called it halos because of the way it shifts, never knew others could until I was about 20 years old. Since then I have kept it a secret and only teach others that I trust how to do it. There is no real method to learning, all of us have the ability to see,it is a part of the brain that is asleep and you just have to practice… Start with three friends, have them hide behind something with their back to you, appearing to observe you and then hiding again. You will eventually be able to tell a difference in the variations and can tell who is who. This is the first steps of many.

  10. I have seen auras around one specific person. When I was in this same person’s office one time, he suddenly got up and went to get paper towels so I turned around and looked at the wall. There was a huge spider on the wall. I have seen this same exact scene in my mind several times months in advance. This incident was identical to what I have seen in my mind. I can’t explain the power to see auras and events that will happen in the future but I do notice when my senses are heightened, I see them. I have visions of future events many times with different scenarios and it has come true. I notice that when I have a recurring vision, it will happen in the future. If I have a vision once, it has no significance. If the vision happens repeatedly, it always come true. My youngest daughter has had the same kind of visions starting when she was less than 2 years old.

    • That is quite a gift you both have. Always ask for a protective white light to surround both of you each day. And be sure to close your psychic door on retiring to bed each night. Ask your guides to help in the request. May God’s love and light surround you.

    • A few days ago I had this experience : Suddenly I felt a pain go around my head , not bad pain just uncomfortable. didn’t last but a few seconds and then in my mind’s eye I saw a grayish smokey looking halo form around my head. I didn’t think to much about it because I was with my daughter in the car. Then a few days later when I woke up. that day I could see it all day long. What is this?

  11. When I was about six I was electrocuted very bad. During it I saw haloes around my brother and myself. There where two first closest to the body was yellow then a orange one around the yellow. I blacked out and was in all black like a very dark night sky with one star in the sky. I woke up in the hospital. With my family around me saying I was lucky to be alive.

  12. In most of my pictures there is a white light shining on my head, I always reply it’s my halo. Yes a lot of the pictures are outside and a few in my home. I know when things are going to happen to some people. What is this light?

  13. Yes, I have witnessed halos over people heads in alot of beautiful colors..I could actually see the arch looking things that holds them up.. kinda scary at first

  14. what is the comparison of beauty in colours, two of my friends are , what doctors say colour blind ,my friend looks at the sky n the ocean an he see purple , , he has never looked at a blue sky, or green ocean, it is all purple to him, an he loves purple ,,he is happy , n loves this colour,,


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