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Do you see auras or read minds?

I can see auras, absorb people’s moods and sometimes if a person is easy to read, I can read their mind. I’m not kidding. I have had this power for a while, and it helps me sometimes, but mainly is really distracting. My friends tend to use this power for their own uses, like finding out if some guy likes them, but I haven’t told more than the trusted friends I know. I sometimes have dreams that happen in the future. Does anyone have any of these? Am I like really weird? Should I tell more people or keep it a secret?


  1. Sometimes my dreams can tell the future, but that’s it. That other stuff would be cool. Don’t tell people unless you want them to think you’re crazy.lol

  2. Sometimes I can see auras and sometimes not. I’m told my aura is dark with a red ring around it. What do you think that means? 😉

  3. I could probably care less if I had powers or not.
    I’m not even sure if I even do have powers –
    maybe I do, maybe I don’t. ( since I sort of believe
    each and every individual has some sort of “gift”. )
    Anyways, the decision is solely up to you on whether you want
    to tell more people or keep it a secret. Though obviously, telling
    people about your powers will bring both interest and disbelief (like
    some people who completely refuse to believe in anything but
    logical things etc. )
    Though if I were you, I’d probably just keep it a secret and use
    those powers in a positive way. Sometimes you have to wonder
    if it’s necessary for these things to be known. Do you really have
    to tell the whole world about your powers? Or would you rather
    keep it to yourself and be quietly thankful for it?
    Once again, the decision is all yours, but just be aware of the consequences (whether good or bad) on whichever decision you choose.

  4. i know the nature of something that is going to happen before it happens and who is involved but cant usually specify exactly what will happen. i have seen auras a few times before but most were on the same person

  5. i have been able to see auras but also from animals to and i can also absorb peoples moods and predict someones actions by seeing into their mind which also lets me see everything they describe to me and i found it distracting too


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