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Do you see auras? Do you just get some weird vibes from people and know to stay away?

Or good ones that make you want to know that person better?


  1. i don’t think you can see them but i do belive you can feel them its like that gut feeling that you know is right no matter what

  2. Yes and definitely yes. It’s intuition, mostly, and I thank God that I have it. It’s saved my life twice and given me tons of great people in my life. ♥

  3. You just simply feel it, you can’t see auras, you simply feel the mood of the person. I, for example, start to shack when there is somebody really angry near me.

  4. Yes, I definitely see auras. You need to read the book, “The celestine prophecy”. It will explain ALOT to you. Then the second part to tis book is called “The 10th insight”.
    It is based on the 9 different experiences you will encounter throughout your life. You’ll be amazed at what you learn to see. I can actually see energy from trees, plants, people, basically, any living thing has an aura. Steer clear from the grey auras………..


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