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Do you see auras before a migraine?

What are your experiences? I’m curious because I see them all the time and four doctors haven’t been able to do anything for me.
Two out of the four docs were neurologists, one an eye doctor, and the fourth my family doc. Had a cat scan, tooks all different kinds of meds that don’t work. I avoid chocolate, caffeine, etc.


  1. First, be sure that it is indeed migraine. Common “auras” include seeing flashes of light, distorted visual images, jagged lines, wavy lines. Sometimes the vision on one side can be temporarly lost. Sometimes you can temporarily have speech disturbance, or numbness and tingling on one side of the face or body. But all these things can also be symptoms of other conditions, so it is necessary to get a diagnosis. They can be treated by taking measures to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, but migrain can have different triggers in different people. Common triggers include stress, menses, hunger, sleep deprivation or even too much sleep, or dietary factors. More often there is no obvious trigger. There are medications that can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, but whether they are taken or not should depend on how frequent/disabling the episodes are.
    Have you seen a neurologist?

  2. Unless you are on some other medication for psychosis it is unlikley. I have suffered from migraines for more than 10 yrs. now and have never experienced any such phenomenon.
    If it was during the course of dealing with the pain, it is possible that the lights that come w/keeping the eyes closed to shut out light could be mistaken for an aura.
    However these lights are only a result of the PAIN involved.

  3. There is nothing that a doctor would be able to do for this. I have a long history of chronic headaches/ migraines. I have only ONCE had a visual aura. This actually happened about 2 months ago.
    I first started seeing a twirling striped line in my left eye…just like those old barber shop red and white signs. It started small and eventually grew to affect my entire vision. It lasted about an hour or so. I thought that I was about to have a stroke. I was driving to work when it started and I was completely freaking out. About a half hour after I got to work, I then got this god, awful headache.
    I looked more into auras and what they meant and if there were any negative implications to them. Basically, people get them, they go away, some get headaches, some do not. Nothing to really worry about. If you do get the headache with them, you are able to know a little bit beforehand when the headache will strike. That is about the only benefit to them. (trying to find a silver lining I guess) It sure is a freaky phenomonen.

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