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do you risk dying while doing the astral projection?like when your soul is attracted to a mirror or something?

–if your astral body goes through a mirror or something with your reflection,will you die?
–I just want to be clarified,because i find it scary and creepy


  1. people do it, i advise you dont cus if you dont return then your dead, it doesnt matter were you go, there is a chance you wont return, not sure why people gamble their lives like this.
    occult practices are not good for you

  2. to answer your question: no, of course not. you risk looking like an idiot when you tell people that you can astral project yourself.

  3. My brother is completely obsessed with astral projection. He has been trying to do it for 5 years. And he doesn’t work a job.. his only goal in life is to astral project.
    He fasts and stuff… starves himself to help induce astral projection.
    I honestly think he could die from dehydration because he goes on water fasts, too.
    So.. basically, I don’t worry about the problems of astral projection IF it ever were to occur… I just worry that an obsession with astral projection will.. well, kill him.
    And personally I don’t believe astral projection is real anyway.

  4. I agree that you are playing with fire and will get burnt, please stay away form ocultic practises, it is very dangerous and you are opening the door to satan in your life. Instead why not focus on Jesus. Jesus is the only one that can save you from hell.

  5. If it is your personal belief that astral projection is real, then that’s okay, don’t listen to those jerks, we’re free to believe what we want. I believe in projection to a point, and I really don’t think that you can die while doing it. There are theories that we astrally project ourselves while we sleep, and no one has died without a viable medical reason.

  6. Read Doreen Irving’s book ‘from witchcraft to Christ’ She talks about it and the effect it had on her. I expect you can pick it up on Amazon.

  7. I think the whole concept behind astral projection is that your consciousness is separate from your body
    So if it were possible ( and I do want to believe it is ) to remove Yourself from your body — then those two entities would not be tied to each other in the manner of inducing death — You would have to die on the astral plane — in which case it becomes a mute point quickly
    So then what could happen other than that which would kill this seperate body of yours ? I can’t think of anything
    And try not to listen to the fear mongering Christians a generation ago some of these very same mind sets were playing rock and roll records backwards to see if they contained a naughty phrase
    Before that they were advocating burning witch’s

  8. No…over the course of many hundreds of projections I’ve been on the receiving end of absolutely nothing dangerous whatsoever.
    Mirrors can be a source of positional confusion but they’re totally benign. In fact, they’re actually very handy, because you can use them as portals out of the relatively boring Real Time Zone into much more interesting places. Entering one a few months ago I ended up in a past life. Mirrors are fun!

  9. You are still alive aren’t you? That means you cannot die while astral projecting and what do i mean by this? I mean that you have astral projected before but you just we’re not conscious at the time, most humans go astral while sleeping. To attain astral while conscious through the use of Binaural beats or otherwise is the same as being astral while sleeping. You cannot die either ways. However, if astral when conscious and you encounter a bad entity, they cannot enter your body, but, if you focus enough energy into it, you may somewhat give them permission to enter.
    Astral projection is nothing hard to believe, it’s just looking ‘beyond’ when in a very concentrated trance. It’s quite a great experience which you should experience. ALL human beings will experience being astral, WHEN THEY’RE DEAD. When you die, you access the astral plane but the only difference between death and astral projection is that you cannot get back into your body.


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