Do you remember the milk tray man,? and what is the secret of the black magic box?

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I remember him. The secret was that he had eaten the soft centres 🙂


Yes, I remember him! 🙂


Search for ‘Dick in a box” on Youtube and you’ll find out!

Mr Mills

The secret was that he put Rohipnol (spelling) in the chocolates.

His Nibs

Black Magic was a different product and hence…a different advert.


yes, i remember the milk tray man. the secret of the box, is when you open it, a scary clown/monkey comes out………..


Yes I remember…….All because the lady loves Milk Tray.
I think it was based on James Bond.


Yes i remember him. Imagine if he went through all that and forgot the chocs


it was a box of chocolates i re-call as he was in a parachute coming down to the front room and drops of the chocolates and leaves a calling card on top of the box


it had semen in it


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