Do you recall the circumstances when God first called you into relationship with Him?

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..”Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you.” – Mark 10:49
Were you in need of something? Were you in a crisis situation? Every day God calls someone into relationship with Him through different circumstances. More often than not, the circumstances relate to a need in their life that only God can meet.
Bartimaeus had the need to see again. He was a poor blind beggar, who had heard about Jesus and the miracles He had done. The crowds rebuked him for seeking Jesus, yet he continued to cry out. “Many rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he shouted all the more, ‘Son of David, have mercy on me!’…Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus” (Mk. 10:48,50). That day, Bartimaeus saw for the first time. But more than that, he saw with spiritual eyes for the first time.
Each workday, we rub shoulders with someone who has not met this Jesus we know personally. God uses needs to draw us to Himself. What need has He placed in a coworker that only Christ can meet? Perhaps you are the instrument He wants to use to introduce that person to Himself. It requires availability and a willingness to look for people with needs, then point them to Christ to meet their needs. Pray for divine appointments today.

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Honestly, you can’t have a ‘relationship’ with something that doesn’t exist. If someone ‘points me to Christ’ then I’m very happy to discuss it and hopefully they will go away somewhat more enlightened.

Denise Richards

You are a freak..period. I don’t believe in crap that DOESN’T exist. I’m like George Carlin. I worship the SUN b/c I can see it but I pray to Joe Pesci.


I have known God from birth, I didn’t need something that caused me to seek him out. that seems kind of insincere to me if you want to know the truth. like prisoners who suddenly “find jesus”.



Voice of Reason

Get over it, for christ’s sake your embarrasing him.

Rick S

I remember being bashed by an nice elderly woman because I didn’t go to church to cope with my fathers death… I was 18 and some crazy B decided that if I didn’t need GOD to get through it than I didn’t have a “SOUL” I agreed with her which seemed to anger her more… At that point I called her a fat C U Next Tuesday and went on my marry way. I Love Christians SOOOO UNDERSTANDING


I honestly don’t know???it’s like he has always been with me like my mother…I have argued with him, rejected his obedience at times
dis-respected him at times, but he has always been with me he has never left and I have learned so much about who I am and life with the relationship I have with our Father who art in heaven…


I’ve been listening for sixty years; ain’t heard squat from no god…


It was so long ago. I didn’t even know at the time that it was God that was calling to me. It took me years and years to turn in the correct direction, finding His voice in His word.
When I was a child, the house I lived in was full of unhappy people. I used to escape the tension and unkindness by hiding in the back of a closet and reading. Funny…even though I was so young, I knew there had to be something better than what I saw in the people around me. I knew someplace there was love and kindness and mercy and justice. When I found Jesus Christ, almost forty years later, I came to realize that yes, these things all exist in Him.


we met in a bar, he bought me a couple of beers…and things just went from there….
but we were just young and stupid then, yet i would say that, had it not been for other people thinking he belonged exclusively to them, we might have been able to remain friends….


Wow…………and the atheists call us intolerant. Sorry for the beating you are taking for asking Christians a simple question they would understand…………..
My circumstances: I thought I was a Christian and came to realize that I was simply a church member. I yielded to Jesus that day…………


Yes. I was in high school.
There was no crisis in my life. I was just attending a youth retreat and heard someone teach things from the Bible that I never knew were in there before.
As time went on I realized that the “church” I was attending was really a false church and the people running it were religionists who didn’t have a relationship with Jesus.
Pastor Art

Larry A

everyday of my life and before i was born GOD has a purpose for me i dont know what it is but he created me for a purpose


i remember, but to be honest, the times were so excruciatingly hard that i’d rather not relive the things i had to go through before i finally had to humble myself. i’m more than glad i’m here now, but it’s still painful for me to think about the circumstances that brought me to Christ.

Annie Oakley

Yes, I remember. It was 1979. I was 33. I am a Jew. I had never read the Bible so when it happened, I had no idea what was going on. I have been studying the Bible ever since then.
I didn’t remember searching for him. Nor, do I remember asking him to come into my life. But, when he did, I knew he was there because the feeling of complete peace replaced the pain of suicidal anxiety, immediately.
It’s impossible for me to deny His existence.

sing4evr&always aka ILoveJesus!

Yeah. I was 16 1/2. It was on a Sunday in church. I remember that in the recent past, I was rather empty inside and felt like I had no purpose and that there was no meaning to life. Well, I knew that God was there; I’d just always been too scared, for some reason, to accept. That Sunday morning, there was a guest speaker person at the church, and the words went straight to my heart. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to go up to the altar. I needed SOMETHING to hold onto. My life has meaning now! 🙂 It truly was a need only God could have satisfied. Material things do nothing except make us more empty inside and drive us farther from the truth.


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