Home Discussion Forum Do you really understand what "born again" really means?

Do you really understand what "born again" really means?

Can you imagine seeing through new eyes, just like a baby coming into this world. You see the good, bad and ugly. This happened to me. Some may call this a “spiritual awakening” or the third eye opening. You can’t force it, it just happens when you least expect it.
I do not care from what religion you come from. This can happen to anyone.
What astounds me is some of you say you have to be a christian to be born again. To understand the word “christian” which means “christ-like”, this would help others understand to be born again, one must become christ-like, buddha-like, mother theresa-like, ghandi-like and many others. Anyone can surrender themselves to God, because we all are God’s children.
When someone hears “born again christian” they do not understand yet. This runs people away because of the narrow minded religious authoritarians setting man-made bounds.
I had to leave the Church to find God!
You understand.
Thank you Downwind! Beautifully spoken.


  1. I was born again. It was the most incredible experience of my life. It was like all of a sudden everything in the world made perfect sense to me. I understood why I was here. I understood that all around me people were in darkness. I had not even thought on that before. God had opened my eyes. I could see. I had spiritual vision I had not before known. I had spiritual understanding that I could only have received from God. I did not even know I was born again, until I read this in the Bible.
    In case you are wondering, my experience of being born again followed my prayer to Jesus to take my life and make something of it, anything at all. My thanks to Jesus for the beauty of that life changing moment.

  2. It is easy to have faith when all looks good ,honest and beautiful. It is true faith that knows both sides that look wicked,dishonest and not beautiful. And still believes.It can make you appreciate God’s grace so much more.You can see your sins and the world from a new perspective.

  3. check this out…
    what it means is what you said,
    tabula rasa means clean slate.
    no past no future. eternal presence.
    all ways here/now..
    immaculate means spotless, clean.
    and conception is a thought….
    being born again, clean slate, in-tense
    in Love in peace in power

  4. You are confused. No, you cannot be a Buddhist and be born again. Jesus said that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. He was referring to God’s spirit. Only those who accept Christ as Lord have the spirit of the living God.

  5. When we’re born our parents pick our a religion for us to follow, which is normally the same one that they follow.
    And then when you have time to think about it and go over all the facts and come to a logical understanding of what God is all about and what religion speaks to you best about the vision of God that YOU have formulated over the years you get a chance to choose the religion that YOU want to follow!
    I’ve come to the conclusion that I was right all the way along. NONE of the religions are good for me. And God is the same He was when I first met him. So, I’m not really born again since I was never convinced in the beginning anyway but I am totally cool with God and He is cool with me. We get along great but He hates it when I correct Him. Ya know?


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