Do you really have to pay to use transcendental meditation?

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I am reading a few tips on the internet and I went for my first transcendental meditation session before, and felt a difference. Do you HAVE to pay in order to succeed?

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Imo all they do during those sessions is show you how to do something that should come naturally to you.
I think it has something to do with the general feedback that is generated from the negative experiences in our lives, or something equally as ingrained into our subconscious.


You may have to pay for your next session or two if you feel you did not get enough guidance to proceed on your own.


Only the first few “training sessions”, after that it should be as easy as going to the bathroom. Practice, practice and practice.

Brother Handcannon of Desirable Mindfulness

you could always practice kundalini or power meditation for free. while the information comes from satanism, by no means must you be a satanist (or even believe in a god or deity) to practice it.


Hello Fellow Traveler,
It was not my experience that I had to pay to use transcendental meditation, however I did have to pay to learn it. Not trying to be a jerk, but stating my experience. I would share that it was worth every dime. I have learned now 3 types of meditation and have practiced each type for a couple of years + each. I have found it beneficial to use various types at different seasons in my life. But most of all I have found that meditation works if you work it, in other words whatever the technique practice makes practice. And practice makes benefit…. TM does asks for an initial large outlay of money to be invested in yourself, but for that it is my understanding that when I need booster classes of sorts I can go anywhere it is being taught and have those classes for free. So the investment is for a life time not just a series of classes.
May You Have Peace & Clarity on Your Journey

ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəls

You don’t need to pay to do meditation. Anyone who tries to charge you is basically running a scam..
try here


Please watch this video is very informative
with this video I believe teacher is no longer needed
good luck


I can drive my car without thinking about it. It’s like second nature to me. But at some point i had to take driving lessons from a teacher. It is not different than meditation.
Second, we do not value what we get for free. When you pay for something you make a statement of how valuable that service and time it is for you.
Personally, I would recommend Sudarshan Kriya. Regardless the same principle applies to everything. Good luck.


Expensive lessons are not necessary but can probably help enough to be worth it. All the lessons can do is point the way but you still have to do the practice.


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