Home Discussion Forum Do you read auras, or get vibes from people?

Do you read auras, or get vibes from people?

do you know how to read auras?
If you get vibes, then how do you get vibes from people, in what sense and way are those vibes felt and transferred?
I have read about empathy before, in fact I have read about it today and…


  1. Well, you could phrase it like that. I have the spiritual gift of Empathy, so I can feel and experience what people are going through.

  2. I definitely get vibes from people but I don’t think it’s something supernatural. I think it’s just my subconscious processing more information than I’m consciously aware of and sending me a message. At least that’s what I assume it is.

  3. People gain this ability without their consent, and it usually comes into notice during puberty. I’m sorry but if you are trying to learn how to do these things on the internet, you are either going to get a virus, or learn to be like the mentalist or sean from Psych.
    I don’t mean to be a downer, but that’s how it goes.

  4. i have a feel for people and whether they are pure at heart or not.
    our brains are something we will never understand because its knowledge is quite vast.

  5. No auras except when i am getting a migraine.
    ‘vibes’ are stuff i think is subtle interpretations of body language, pheromones and other pretty mundane phenomenon.

  6. I get vibes from walking down the footpath from idiots bumping into me.
    No such thing as auras. You must read a lot of fairy tales and watch too many silly movies and tv series.

  7. don’t know about the auras, but I do get vibes, it is usually when I first meet the people, it is like a warning to me, my hands will shake and get real sweaty if it is bad vibes..After that I avoid these peoples and warm others about them to stay away from them.

  8. i feel people’s pain ……. i get headaches and migraines when they have them …… i have trouble breathing around some people … shortness of breath etc…… generally what they’re feeling that “spontaneously” dissipates when i’m not in their company.
    peace baby

  9. I get vibes from people. It may be inherited or learned from my mother, who always talks about getting weird ones. Sometimes vibes are nothing. They’re just picking up all the clues and adding them up to create a warning or prediction sort of. Like lets say you see a guy walking by, staring at you, like really looking, and he’s coming closer. Now I for one would be uncomfortable and start staring back at him, my hand on my cellphone, the other gripping my purse ready to swing it. Other times vibes come out of the blue and they’re not bad. You might see someone at work, someone new, and not know them at all, and just automatically like them. Just from looking at them. That’s a vibe. Love at first site is a type of extreme vibe. You automatically know you love them. This happened to me and my love and we’re still together, happy as ever. Trust your vibes if you get them.

  10. of course..you can “feel their emotions” – can’t be contained entirely body the strong emotions, and the electrical impulses generated in their nervous systems generates outwards , affecting their environment in several numerous ways – i’ve noticed some people, my self included, are WAY more sensitive to picking up these auras than some people though…

  11. Reading vibes, or in other cases “Auras” although Auras are more of a psychic term for it. I’m not a natural believer of anything supernatural, is a curious subject. I an not an empath, but I read vibes/Auras. I am wondering if you can teach people to read vibes. I’ve begun trying with a friend. He’s picked out several people I don’t know and said that I described them almost perfectly per vibe they give off. Also I believe you can read vibe through text/writing. Although if you do not know the person well that you are writing to or receiving/viewing the text of I would not suggest guessing the vibe from it. Vibes are easily lost when in personal contact is in place. Although, if you have a good enough sense of personality type and the subject matter you can guess the vibe they are giving through text. Be warned it is very easy to get it wrong. Reading the vibe around the person is very hard to describe. Since I am not an empath, I have a friend who is though, I do not feel the emotions of the person to know their vibe. I see through characteristics, body language, genetics, facial features, clothing. Their general essence so to say. If you meet someone who can read vibes, be warned they can see through you. Literally. If you are acting it is easy to tell. I think vibes are a step up from just reading general body language though. You have to guess when reading body language, I know the exact degree of vibe they send off.
    I.E. Sad, not not depressed, but like they’ve just gotten semi bad news; anxious, something nerve-wracking happened and it was put on pause; Hatred, someone has done something you find unacceptable and you have to watch it play out.
    Like I said I am not a supernatural believer, I don’t believe to be psychic. Although several times I’ve had the uncanny ability to have answered my own question in my head after asking a question without knowing it.
    I.E. I once when younger asked my best friend the age of her younger brother, the second after I asked the number nine came to my mind, then within half a minute she had said her brother was nine. Several other times I was asked where an object would be, without being anywhere near the person seeing as I was in a video call from about three or four states away, I said a random place that came to my head and it was correct.
    Having the nickname of psychic friend quickly got old.

  12. When I talk about vibes I mean I kinda get if someone is hiding something or lying to someone, but have no idea who. Or I get good vibes and know that they are happy or helping someone.


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