Home Discussion Forum Do you people believe in telepathy?

Do you people believe in telepathy?

i just wanted to know what you are thinking are all those tricks or telepathy and telekinisis real also if its real can science prove it?


  1. not real. there’s actually a group who says they will pay 1 million to anyone demonstrating any form of psychic powers. i can’t think of their name off the top of my head.

  2. No different parts of your brain communicate to each other by electrical impulses accross synapses in the nuerons in your brain. These electical impulses cant jump out of your skull and into another persons brain, so no telepathy isn’t possible.

  3. I think the poster above is thinking of “The Amazing Randy”.
    Here is the problem. Testing of any sort can be influenced by the observer.
    IE “Schrödinger’s cat”
    or, just plain human interpretation of the data. Two people can look at the same data and come to different conclusions.
    There have been a TON of experiments that claim they prove telepathy, and more that claim they have disproved it.
    Of the ones that “proved it”. you have lots of respected scientists who have poked holes in the procedure, and of the experiments that disproved it, you have the “pro people” poking their own holes.
    Fundamentally, here is the deal: You have different segments of society, that disagree on this topic.
    A portion of the people who are die-hard believers are usually ‘fruitcakes’.
    I am sorry to say it, but it’s the truth. Sit down with one, and they will pull out their quartz crystal to clear their aura, and check their charts to see if their stars are in order before they address the issue with you.
    I am not saying they are wrong- but they tend to discredit themselves by being ding-bat-zoomies, just in general. No analytical thought capacity at all.
    It’s this small population of fairy-folk that discredit the entire concept.
    If a scientist wanted to study telepathy seriously, they would be discredited.
    They MUST take the stance that it’s impossible so that they can keep their reputations.
    It’s obvious the world is flat… can’t you see that with your own eyes?
    It is going to take more testing with more strenuous guidelines, and people in the scientific community willing to stretch themselves to prove it.
    Me personally, most of the things I have experienced, an alternative explanation can be given, but there are one or two instances were I can not come up with an another explanation for that other then it’s possible. I do understand the human capacity for self-deceit, so I am waiting for some definitive proof as well.


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