Home Discussion Forum do you, or have you ever seen auras? What did they look...

do you, or have you ever seen auras? What did they look like?


  1. Yes, I have seen and experienced too. A mellowed bright light in and around the body about an inch above the skin often in different colors that reflects our inner state – such as about to fall sick, agitation, spiritual advancement(if it is yellow) and so on.

  2. If your seeing auras, then best you visit your doctor. You may have epilepsy, vision problems or other disorder. This is what auras are.

  3. I do, I taught myself to only see them when I want last year.
    First, it’s a bright light. Strong but still soft. This light is white and is about an inch thick around the body. Then it’s a coloured light, much softer and larger around the head (20-40cm).

  4. Auras normally appeared to me as a cloudy glow off of an object, very similar to that people experience right after lasik eye surgery. I haven’t seen an aura in many years though.


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