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Do you open yourself up like a gate to etheric entities? (Ouija/Spirit Board Pregunta)?

Ummm…I collect old ouija and other spirit boards but have never actually used one…not because I’m scared I honestly don’t think they do anything but you need at least 2 people to work one and I never met anyone willing to ouija it up with me.
I even put up an ad on craigslist and just got a bunch of nutty emails about how demons would come through and eat my brains.
I know ouija boards were considered a children’s game until that movie the exorcist came out, then everyone considered them evil…just wanted to know if anyone has any first hand experience with the board. I know people who have done it and say nothing happens, others claim to hear sounds in the room but couldn’t honestly contribute them to the board since they were in the dark with candles lit and whatnot. It seems like a cool experiment in sleight of mind…I dunno…I think I’m inebriated.
I have even purchased “cursed” or “haunted” ouija boards and taken boards from people who were freaked out but nothing happened to me. Like I said I never use them…the cooler ones I hang on my walls and the others are in a closet but I don’t think I’m cursed and nothing weird has happened in my house.
Angie…I think I did ok…it was like 400 questions on public relations so it was just long and boring but not too hard.
pkvan…the exorcist is based on the story of a kid (a boy) who became possessed after using a ouija board to contact a dead aunt (or grandmother…i forget which). Obviously the movie portrays a different kind of possession than actually happened, but some of the details are based on the boy’s experience.


  1. Then… you are a person with a very strong and good will… good for you.
    I’ll oija it up with you/ if you live close to me e-mail me.
    They are fun, they work on the electricity from your body, your nerves all conduct energy and that energy can be concentrated into your finger tips and it will move the piece because of the pin in the center.
    (did a bit of research into them though I could be wrong.)
    like I said e-mail me. They are quite fun.

  2. hey.. i’ve heard they could open door way but i’ve used one before and other than having weird dreams, nothing happened. i’ve been watching a lot of scary movies lately though and i think i’m too chicken to do it again just in case it’s true. how did you do on your exam?

  3. that’s the thing about having 2 people necessary…
    you never know if it’s your friend having fun at your expense.
    if it were claimed to work with only 1 person.. i would try it.
    until then.. it’s not worth my time.
    it would be a matter of faith if it worked, which isn’t worth anything if you are talking about truth.

  4. I never knew the Ouija Board was in the Exorcist Movie. That Movie was way to scary for me to watch, I have never seen it all the way through and there is no way I am going to believe that it is a harmless Kids game! I was scared by one years before that movie came out.

  5. Here’s my bit:
    If a spirit wanted to communicate with you I think they’d find a way other than roaming about eyes peeled just for people using oh-so-special mass produced child board games, aka ouija boards.
    I’ve played with them, nothing exciting ever happened. I’ve had many countless unexplainable experiences, not one of them while using a ouija board. Maybe I should try Monopoly instead? Shoots and Ladders? Operation looks hopeful…
    They are so easy to accidentally push, as they do easily just from someone breathing normally with their fingertips in place, and before you know it people end up giving in and sliding it about with force. It’s not anything special.

  6. The Bible says those things are an abomination unto God. Antything having to do with spiritualism and mediums, divination. God forbids us from having anything to with that stuff. You are playing with things you can’t possibly understand. You will not be able to control them either.
    Those that look for the darkness God will leave in darkness, and when they try to search for the light they will not be able to find it.


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