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Do you occasionally move your "crew-cut symphony" conscious mind to the sidelines in favor of your…

…”long-haired Rock Star” swinging, perceptive, light-footed, loincloth-wearing subconscious mind?”
(I’m gonna need much better than a “yes,” “no,” or “huh?” on this one, folks…give it up for me, bay-bah…lay it on me…)


  1. I just don’t have that crew cut symphony mindset,not that I don’t appreciate culture.I love a funny play.
    My ex has that mindset of stuff,welcome to it.
    Turn on the tunes and I just lighten right up,and dance,even in my mind.I can actually wear music if I want to,right through my body mind and soul .
    How cool is that?

  2. When on P&S I prefer to grow my hair right down to my ankles.
    In real life I sometimes feel the almost irresistible urge to shave
    my head completely bald just to experience the pleasure of calling the crew cut righteous crowd a bunch of long haired, useless to society freaks. Turning the tables for once.

  3. I ALWAYS have my “long-haired Rock Star” going on.Even though my last band performance was 5 years ago.I don’t even have a “crew-cut symphony” mindset!!!

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