Do you need you to practice other wiccan spells before writing your own?

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I have begun to write a Book of Shadows, but have not written any spells yet. Should I practice and Document other’s spells before writing my own, or it it better to write my own?
Thank you, Gracie, for helping me see.

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magic is obsolete
come show me some of that “book of shadows” love blondie


I have a book, it contains information (not just spells) rom other witches, and myself.
From other books as well.
I have runes in there.
The moon phases
The wiccan reed
A book of shadows (or Book of spells) is just a collection of what you have learned. But before you put something from another wiccan into your book you need their permission.
)O( Blessed Be


Even if you write a spell in your BOS, it will still not be a “Wiccan” spell.

Nyx's Daughter

It’s better to practice first. you dont have full control of your energy just yet lauren. spells are serious business. if you dont know what your doing then you can definately shoot yourself in the foot


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