Home Discussion Forum Do you need to repeat chakra balancing?

Do you need to repeat chakra balancing?

Once you go to a chakra specialist and he or she balances and clears all your chakras, do you have to keep on going for more sessions and for how long? Or is it a one time thing? How long does the usual effects last? Or feelings?


  1. It depends on the person. The balancing can last for quite a while, though. But there’s probably things that can put your chakras out of whack again…

  2. no. usually the greater beings have better things to worry about then if you balanced your chakra this month… do it for good measure though. dont want to be in chakra debt

  3. Well just because your chakras are balanced at one stage it doesn’t mean they always will be. It’ll change over time. I’m not really sure how long it would last, it would depend on various things I suppose & would vary from person to person. Anyway you can learn to do it yourself if you have the time.


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