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Do you need to be Psychic to read Tarot Cards?

I’m really interested in learning how to read these Tarot Cards. I’m planning to buy a deck soon. But I’m not sure if I could learn it.


  1. Just take some acting lessons and pretend like you have special powers and you will become just like one of them.

  2. Ive been reading tarot cards for about 8 yrs now, and its really fun!
    there’s alot to know before you start.. you should know all of the sun signs, you should know numerology,.all the characteristics of each sun sign, and rest will come from you and your deck.. I read from the Renaissance era, because they felt good to me, when they were given to me…. its not psychic abilities its more of a higher perception on things… but you do have to be a little bit… you’ll see what i mean when you start!
    good luck and be very responsible with your

  3. just buy a deck, they usually come with an instruction booklet anyway. and not many…if not NO people are born psychic, you develop it through time and study and openmindedness. learn more about the divine arts, or as retarded wiccans call it “magick” and the concept of “magick” and you’ll be fine, even tho that is a life long lesson. start off with oracle cards or somethin. good luck =]]

  4. No, you do not need to be psychic to read tarot cards. The tarot deck is a complex psychological and spiritual system. It can take years to fully learn all the meanings of the symbols on the cards, but it is a fascinating journey. If you decide to get a deck, choose one that has traditional symbols, rather than an art collector’s deck. Also, get a book that outlines these traditional meanings. There is a video on my website about how to choose a deck. http://www.cassystarot.com
    You might find some of the articles in my blog interesting as well. Good luck in your journey, and enjoy the tarot.

  5. That is the general idea. Tarot cards are one type of divination. Astrology, palm reading, and tea leaf reading are also. What all most have in common are “props”. These prop are things that depend on random events. Birthdays, dealing cards, and unique palm lines that are also completely random.
    If you have ever played poker, you know how rare it is to get a royal flush. Not impossible, but very difficult. There are many possible combinations with poker cards. Tarots have more cards and position becomes important. The odds that you will get the same spread twice is much greater than winning the lottery. It is totally random. The “reader” uses this randomness along with “cold reading” on their clients.
    Tarot cards are usually read by a fortune-teller, though in these days of New Age Enterprise, anyone can buy a deck with instructions on how to discover your real self and actualize your true potential. Why anyone’s fate would be mysteriously contained in playing cards is a mystery; although, sympathetic magic seems to play a role.
    There is a romantic irresistibility to the notion of shuffling the cards and casting one’s fate, to putting one’s cards on the table for all to see, to drawing into the unknown, to having one’s life laid out and explained by strangers who have the gift of clairvoyance, to gamble on the future, and so on. The idea of staring at a picture card and letting it reveal the future or mirror the soul is not one that austere critics are likely to find tantalizing, but the thought of such visionary mysticism obviously has its attraction. Centuries of scientific advancement and learning have not diminished the popularity of occult guidance systems such as the tarot, Ouija boards, astrology, I Ching, palmistry, iridology, reflexology, ink blots, graphology, enneagrams, crystal balls, tea leaves, and the like.

  6. Yes you can learn how. Ive been reading tarot cards for a while now, and no you dont have to be psychic to read them. tarot decks normally come with a book that tell what all the different cards mean, and after a while youll remember what they all mean. But its not hard at all. Hope this helps

  7. Yes, you could learn, however in my personal opinion, I would question the accuracy of the reading. Someone who has psychic abilities will be able to interpret them a lot clearer. Psychics are able to interpret the meaning of the cards right out of the box as if they were speaking to them, as if they were real people explaining their purpose.


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