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Do you meditate but believe in no spiritual existence?

This question is mainly for people who have been practicing meditation for a while.
I’m not talking about religion, but some sort of spiritual plane or consciousness, beyond thought.
If you don’t believe in any sort of spiritual existence, why? In clearing your thoughts, and separating yourself from ego and all that, what truth have you found that can justify your belief(s), or that has strengthened them?
(This isn’t a judgment, just a question.)
Also, I’m not asking you about the physical nature of the discipline. I’m aware of all of that; however, it does make one more aware and open, and receptive to certain things. Have you felt any such effects? Has it lead you to any spiritual truth, or verified for you that a clear mind brings you more in touch with an eternal nothingness? What did you FEEL?
Also – while it’s a mental exercise, the effect or growth seems to be for some to learn to rely less on thought for perception, and more on intuition. You’re clearing yourself of self, and so should be able to relate with less judgment. However, this doesn’t mean your clarity has to have any spiritual meaning. You may, however, be brought to spirituality. The result depends on your experience, which is what I’m asking about: YOURS — not my own agenda or beliefs.


  1. Meditation is a mental discipline with proven and measurable physical effects. It is known and taught in all the world’s religions, but has no necessary religious constricts or structure. I do believe in the spirit, and practice spiritual meditation in several forms, it is a time in which I empty myself and become open to God. In prayer I talk, in meditation I listen.

  2. Well at times I do meditate but I do believe in spiritual existence.
    Yes I have noticed that meditation puts me in a receptive state. I don’t know if I have been imagining things but I tend to feel the presence of other people around me.
    I tend to feel my senses become clearer.
    What I feel when I meditate is a perpetual nothingness that is a little hard to describe. My thermal energy cools down and it feels like there is no time.
    Through meditation I think I have learned to control the flow of my thermal energy also it has led me to believe in the spiritual presence of other people .
    I believe that during meditation the conciousness slows down and allows your subconcious to emerge.
    So far meditation has just strengthened my beliefs in the spiritual plane.Its just that feeling that you get deep inside you that you know something is true

  3. Since I have medical issues, I do a simple form of secular mindfulness meditation to relieve stress and anxiety. This helps to reduce high blood pressure and the frequency of headaches. It is a practice recommended by my primary licensed physician and is not encumbered by any superstitious nonsense.
    Oh yes, and it didn’t cost me anything to learn nor were there any “initiations” involved.
    Some good resources on “secular” meditation are “The Calm Technique” by Paul Wilson as well as “The Relaxation Response” by Herbert Benson. If you need more formal “assistance” or “training” then I would look into Natural Stress Relief which was founded by former Transcendental Meditation instructors upset at the rising cost and ongoing superstition associated with TM. They charge $47 for their training compared with the $2,500 that TM would charge you.
    The only “spiritual” stuff associated with meditation is the baggage you bring into the practice with you (and usually that is just the mind deluding itself).


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