Do you live in an ocean of everyone's thoughts?

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When we sleep the etheric part of our brain is even more at the mercy of other peoples thoughts-currents since our waking ego is not in control…(C.W. Leadbeater book of dreams)

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Rena, what’s got into you? 😛


No, not even in the little pond of their thoughts-I have no power to control others’ sleep or awakened thoughts.


The book of dreams tries to reduce the ttranscendental to empirical terms like explaining the brain functions into neurons etc.
Metaphorically, to live in every ones thoughts, ouch! what a fantastic fantasy!!!!

not fair

dear i do not get you,
when we are sleep no one can see or hear our thoughts, because we are not awake physically.
it is impossible to know or feel every body’s thoughts, and
it will be very un comfortable situation if lets say i can see or feel
your thoughts.
no dear i do not wish to know every ones thought, maybe
only people who bug me :):)

Maeve S

My Germanic ancestors had a cosmology that placed all being on a tree called the Yggdrasil or the “World Tree”. Reality was divided into 9 levels or worlds. In the middle was midgard, the world of Man. At the top was Asgard, Home of the All Father and at the root was Nefelhiem, the home of the serpent eating the roots of the tree.
I am a Christian and do not worship the old gods but I do think the philosophical potential of the 9 worlds has been neglected. I have felt my ethereal being pulled from what most call reality, the singular disconnect from the Oneness of creation and it is not always fun and games, astral projection, psi sending and enlightenment.
When I go higher than midgard I get burnt out like a bulb being fed too much energy and when I fall beneath midgard I feel like my being is drained by something just beyond my peripheral perceivable reality. In dreams I have seen terrible things and wonderful things and definitely feel I am in contact with others, I see things they cannot express in the waking world.


Reminds me of Edgar Cayce.


It is believed in many cultures and religions that the thoughts and evil spirits enter the body through the top of the head, the the reason for covering the head in many cultures. However, if one does believe in this concept, then it might be advisable to sleep with a cap on or to pray continually for protection for those thoughts unwanted and unsolicited to the mind. The mind can refuse to accept any thoughts, good or bad.
The above are not my thoughts…they are the thoughts of someone else………lol…


No. I live in an ocean of my thoughts . . . sometimes it’s calm and serene other times rough and turbulant.


i don’t allow one to have me in their………..thoughts. i;m dangerous ……….


I would think this only is true in rare cases of particular adepts. But, we do live in an ocean of electromagnetic fields generated by people and our environment – even cosmically.
Our mind/body system generates a measurable electromagnetic field which affects others and which we react to internally electrochemically in a closed loop. But, it is emotion that is the key to its unintended effects. Since fear is the most powerful stimulator of our internal reactions, we are susceptible to dissociating these embedded patterns which become active in dreaming based on our level of stress, but they are primarily those imprinted in fear-producing past experiences. They do control perception, thoughts and actions, but I contend that it is our own programming that has the most impact on our dreams rather than the actual “thoughts” of others.

I do not think so. How about you?

Orpheus Rising

How poetic…
“Poetry is sane because it floats easily in an infinite sea; reason seeks to cross the infinite sea, and so make it finite. The result is mental exhaustion… To accept everything is an exercise, to understand everything a strain. The poet only desires exaltation and expansion, a world to stretch himself in. The poet only asks to get his head into the heavens. It is the logician who seeks to get the heavens into his head. And it is his head that splits.” – G.K. Chesterton
Peace to you

jack d

It sure as hell seems that way, quite often and these waters are turbulent.

Spooony S

We live in an ocean of our OWN thoughts. You control the universe.


Hi Rena, Fabulous question, one of the top ten for this week. :-)))
I’m going to do the super-short version for this one, OK ?
Energy Matter
There is an infinite ‘ocean’ of energy. All of which has the potential to become ‘matter’. How does energy become ‘matter’ ? Human thought.
For these purposes I am using the expression ‘human’ to include all sentient, creatively empowered, energetic entities, however, and wherever manifest. This means literally an infinite numbers of consciousnesses, all of which are both ‘individuated’, and ‘collective’. When acting as ‘One’ this is also that which many have tried to describe as ‘God’.
We create individually, in groups, and collectively. To do this we all use the same energy, thus any one piece of manifestation, in any realm, can be an infinite number of completely different ‘things’, and equally, can be an infinite number of ‘things’ in our realm of the relative physical.
We are all using the same ‘ocean of energy’ to create, and each of us perceives the entirety of the physical Universe as a ‘singularity, in other words as there are 6 billion of us manifested here at present, there are 6 billion ‘realities’ unfolding here simultaneously, and that is not even starting to take account of the rather more etheric effects of the countless gazillions of us who are not currently physically manifest here, but who can still turn their attention here as and ‘when’ they wish.
And the ‘attention’ is the critical element, for it is the ‘turning of one’s attention’ that is the actual instrument of ‘Creative Power’. That is what creates, quite literally, one’s experience.
Thus no-one is ‘at the mercy’ of anyone, or anything, else, we, using are creative powers, by way of emotions and feelings, are creating every single thing that we perceive.
Everyone else is doing the same, and using the same energetic ‘building blocks’, thus it is very easy to fall into the illusion that someone is ‘doing’ stuff to us.
They aren’t, we are ‘doing’ it all to ourselves.
Now, the BIG question is, what would you choose to do, if you would adopt this creative philosophy ?
What would you choose to ‘create ? :-)))
{{{{{{{Cosmic Creations}}}}}}}

Well said, Spooony S !
There is no Spooony S ! ( Just kidding ! ) :-)))


What a strange but interesting question! I just had to peek in & see what everyone else was saying about this! I would like to think that I might be in the ocean of thoughts of those that I have encountered along the way in my life…but how could I be in someone’s thoughts who have not met?


Hi Rena,I believe if a individual is protected by God.By serving the lord path.If we feel God strong in one`s heart and mind.Then we can not be influenced, by any other people thoughts ,from any level.Plus i see it like this.i am in charge of my own mind.And the same with dreams. If the Creator blesses me with these gifts.

finn mchuil

Well this is something I don`t believe I worry about and if you believe in the asral plane then traveling far from home without guidance you would then leave that home open to intrusion, don`t you think?


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