Home Discussion Forum Do you like this theory of mine,,,,,read it?

Do you like this theory of mine,,,,,read it?

some scientists speculate that the atmosphere for ancient humans was much different then it was today,, more oxygen, or denser etc,,,
Ancient people that lived in India who developed Yoga,, physical techniques used to connect with the ‘divine’ may have been doing so after realizing thier mental and spiritual sensitivities were changing and they needed to jump statrt thier system so to speak, ignite thier kundalini, maybe these abilities written about, telepathy, telekenis,precognition, were very commenplace until the atmosphere changed our oxygen intake and our breathing and made us more ‘unconscious’ like a hypnotic drug,,, so through yoga, breathing, meditating people today can get a glimpse or even become like the ancient Indians, become ‘more aware’
yes i know but i have limited punctuation on here


  1. That is not a theory; it’s no more than a hypothesis.
    FYI: Most of the English speaking world uses a string of repeated periods (not commas) to indicate a pause.

  2. there is no evidence that there has ever been sufficient variation in Oxygen content of the atmosphere during the time of human habitation to effect consciousness. O2 content trapped in ice cores going back at least 500,000 years show this

  3. If I remember correctly higher oxygen concentrations are thought in the paleozoic era (when there were giant insects), much time would pass before there were any humans around.
    I may be wrong but I think it’s really unlikely the periods match up.
    Also I don’t think hyperventilation makes you more aware. It makes you pass out.


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