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Do you like this spiritual poem? Christian related? Any suggestions?

The Worst Thing

“The worst thing I ever did was love you
If it be a crime I am guilty as charged
At least in my heart I know I’ve been true
My faith can never be barged
The worst thing I ever did was care for you
Should I be hung or shot because of it?
If you find this to be true
My faith shall never shift.
The worst thing I ever did was give you all of me
Shall they arrest me for this action?
My Father has shown me mercy
My faith is more than a passion.
What crime do you have to convict me by?
I have done nothing wrong.
You may pry, deny, and lie.
The truth will always be strong.
For I came to this world to save.
I’m not just some simple hero.
It is only by my saving grace.
That you may walk the path so narrow.
I extend my hand to help thee.
The choice is yours alone.
I will always have love for ye.
I’d like to lead you home.
The worst thing I did was be your friend
To catch you when you fall.
Your eternity will not end.
If you answer my humbled call.”


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