Do you like my view for supernature; mabie you dont believe in the supernatural, but does this get you thinkin?






I believe in non organic beings in other dimentions and i believe that there is an awareness in the fabric of the universe as their is in our brains and for the same reasons but i think im reasonable…i want to know if you think im reasonable though
This is no analogy so mutch as an explanation for common illusions:
If i were to tell you i met a woman with extra sensory perception you would most likely not believe me.
A simple beetle is walking up a tuning fork its a beetle with beetle downs syndrome so this beetle is only capable of one of its senses which is the ability to detect vibrations through its special needs beetle feet…
the beetle has no awareness or concept or idea of a room being just upstairs its a special needs beetle but its detecting something far far beyond what its sences are normaly capable of
its detecting a larger tuning fork of the same note one whole octave up in the room upstairs
because the tuning fork its standing on is resonating in sympathy
this beetle has “extra sensory perception”
would you take someone seriously now if they said they have some “special” abilities in the senses department or would you think they were very “special” in a very different way.
super or meta… just one step above
It doesnt need evidence genius


  1. It gets me thinkin’ that you should lay off the drugs a bit. When was the last time both of your eyes focused in the same direction?

  2. “i want to know if you think im reasonable though”
    No. You have no evidence, nor any reason to assume that any of those things exist.
    “would you take someone seriously now if they said they have some “special” abilities in the senses department or would you think they were very “special” in a very different way.”
    If they could prove it, sure. No one has ever managed to provide any evidence for any supernatural abilities though.

  3. sure,gets me to thinking that you are seriously confused and filled with fantasmagorical ideations.
    you could make great fortune with this as a story boardist for cartoons, seriously.

  4. That beetle doesn’t exist. I’m not sure any other species other than humans works so hard to eliminate the effects of ‘survival of the fittest’, but I digress
    as to that beetle being supernatural, I’m not seeing it. Just a little bit special.

  5. some autistic people have been able to focus on things a different way doing things that most humans couldnt, for example one guy can remember every result of every single boxing match that has ever been recorded. there is another guy who, after a head injury when he was younger can now memorize numbers up to 22000 digits long. he doesnt see numbers he sees drawings and some of the drawings even though are very simple, (most are stick figure boats and such) each drawing equals a few hundred numbers, it also allows him to do very complicated math problems in his head. this is an exact comparison of the scenario you just offered up. yet these people dont have superhuman senses, their brain simply works in a different way. there has never been one single recorded instance of a person showing ESP even though every major military in the history of the world has spent money and resources to attempt to develop these. that is why i dont believe. not because it sounds crazy. quantum mechanics is crazy but i still be believe its true because it is proven to be true.

  6. Some people believe that the halley’s comet will take them to heaven if they kill themselves when it passes by.
    Some people believe that the sex is the way to God
    Some people believe that if they smoke alot of weed they will discover some spiritual enlightenment.
    Your allowed to believe whatever you want, but it does not make it real.
    Im thinking you did a lot of weed to get your theory.

  7. I would think that some of the 6.7 billion people here on Earth would have different abilities.
    The opposition you face when asking a question like this most people cannot understand what they have never experienced — they believe is they can’t see or touch it, it is NOT real.

  8. It is possible. There is not evidence to contradict what you are saying, but your hypothesis is conjecture and speculative. Because something is possible, does not mean it actually is, or that it is likely to be.
    That being said, there is literally tons ov empiracal evidence that ESP and the paranormal are real. However there is no evidence for the mechanism of action, the cause for those empiracal findings. Mainstream science does not accept paranormal research, but it is there.

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