Do you know whether if I break very tiny little parts of a crystal ball, will I be cursed?





Please tell me. I broke very tiny little pieces of a crystal ball of my friend’s and I do not know if I will be cursed


  1. Who would curse you, the crystal ball, your friend, or you?
    The crystal ball wouldn’t.
    Would your friend? If the answer is No, then no worries, no curses.
    Would you curse yourself for something that was not done on purpose?
    No…again then no worries, no curses.
    Honestly, a crystal can sometimes break depending on how it is handled and the energies it is absorbing. Some have even broken in half. No worries though.

  2. I guess the question should be is do you believe you will be cursed? I’m a practicing witch and don’t believe in curses. It’s all relative to what you believe. You can believe in bad luck and curses enough to think that something you have done is causing negative elements in your life, or you can believe that regardless of what you have done things tend to happen. So my answer would be if I broke the crystal ball, no I would not be cursed.

  3. no you shouldnt worry.. i hear its a myth.. say a prayer before bed to God, through Jesus all is possible and He is in control of ALLLL and that include’s curses from demonic forces…..He allow’s evil spirit’s to accomplish evil deeds dont get me wrong……………….remember who created curses ??

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