• yes, it is a form of spiritual energy. i have personally felt this energy i can attest to it, it feels like heat or electricity going up and down your spine in waves. I feel it when I’m writing something powerful, or when I have some sort of epiphany or spiritual understanding, and I feel it more and more powerfully as I get older and as I learn to recognize it for what it is. I’m sure you’ve felt it at some time or another. Your brain and spine is like a spiritual, emotional highway. Pay attention to where you feel your emotions, bodily awareness is the start of clearing the way for the energy to flow.

  • Kundalini is a form of energy a.k.a. serpent power. It is aroused somewhere in the lower spine and made to move up. As it does it awakens the chakras or psychic centers. This results in the acquisition of the siddhis or powers. It could be so.

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