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do you know what chakra is?if so answer this what happens if you can't control chakra and it leaks out?


  1. yes,i found 2 definitions,
    1. chakra is, in Yoga and many new-age psychic circles, the energy points in the spirit/soul/energy body where different kinds of energy flow through. As one progresses from bottom to top, each chakra delves into theoretically more complex forms of thought and emotion.
    There are seven, though some consider the eighth to be the aura or something along those lines. There can really be more or less, depending on how complex the mysticism makes it. I’ve seen three, and I’ve seen 20+ (usually any beyond 7 include ‘lesser’ chakras, energy conduits on the body that don’t serve a function other than taking in and expelling psychic energy).
    2.Chakra is Naruto’s (anime series) answer to other roleplaying games’ or shows’ mana. The theory states that chakra is an energy that is created within the human body and released through tiny holes in your skin known as chakra holes that enables you to apply near-magic techniques into fighting, such as boosting your kicks and punches, improving movement speed, agility, and even manipulate the environments to create wind, energy thrusts, walk on vertical surfaces etc etc etc…
    hope that helps!

  2. chakras are the energy vortexes in and throughout our body…they regulate various organs and our energy levels on the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual levels. they become ‘dirty’ and clogged or even shut at times due to various reasons….illness, being tired and run down, mental stress, too little sleep, drugs…all kinds of reasons. there are ways to ‘clean, and balance’ their flow regularly. there is a place online where you can do a free audio meditation that walks you through this. you can do it as often as you’d like and more information is on the page as well as links to other wonderful sites that will enlighten you not only to the reality of their existence, but how to keep yours the most healthy. they are more dense than the aura, but still invisible to most people’s naked eye…they can be photographed however with kirlian photography….

  3. Someone told you drivel. A chakra cannot leak out, in that sense of the word.
    You have 7 chakras, spiritually advanced people have 8. These are your energy vortexes that at any point in time reflect your state of being. When you feel strong, confident and in charge of your life, your chakras are likely to be nicely open. If you are under the weather in some area of your life, your relevant chakras start getting skewed, and that may appear as “leaking”.
    You may have heard of the aura. It is made up of colours that radiate from within the chakras. Which ever one of your chakras is the strongest, that colour will be most represented in your aura.
    So, for example, loving people have a lot of green, angry people have red, wise people have blue, funny people have yellow, etc.
    I hope that this helps. You can learn more on the Dhaxem website, or you could train as a healer, yourself.


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