Do you know what a 'lightworker' is?

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I need an intelligent answer about lightworkers and darkworkers. If you read the last 2 or 3 blog entries on it will explain what i mean by lightworker and darkworker. I want to know if you know which one you are, and how you reconciled the other within yourself so that you could live fully as the other. I’m at the point where the time is coming for me to align myself with one and any advice you have is greatly appreciated. Much thanks for any insight.
pangl – then i am happy and sad (but mostly confused – or better said, not yet accepting of myself)

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A guy who changes light bulbs?


there is no choosing sweetie
and you already know which you are


George Nouri.
Stay in the light unless you have infrared vision.
Don’t worry about chosing or controlling it.
Observe it and let it pass.


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