Home Discussion Forum Do you know the symptoms of the third eye opening?

Do you know the symptoms of the third eye opening?

What are the sensations & symptoms that occur when one has their third eye opening?
Have you experienced it yourself or is your understanding theoretical?
Thanks for answering!
I do not give thumbs down.


  1. Your forehead gets real itchy and then a lump forms, that lump begins to spilt open and viola, a new eyeball.

  2. Time and space dissolves. There is an overwhelming feeling, which is hard to describe with words, that ‘all is one’. I would recommend everyone experience it at least once. People would be more in touch themselves, each other, and nature as a whole.

  3. It can hurt at first. My experience was a swirling like vortex. Then like silent movie frames moving by. I saw the house of my birth mother, but not her or her name. Weird, huh. There are some basics yet everyone is different, sweetie. You have to use it regularly or it will close back up on you. I had a sudden opening, then I had to start working on it to get it back.

  4. Upon surrendering “myself” to God over and over after the death of a marriage a genuine transformation was taking place and still continues.
    The fears that blanketed me from the past were swept away, (the “yoke” was released).
    The taste of certain foods were intensified and found most I enjoyed before were very bland. Spicy foods became hotter and realized milk chocolate was not as tasty as dark chocolate.
    My vision was clearer and colors were very vivid. I couldn’t believe how blue the sky was or how blinding bright orange and red the sunsets were. My vision up close is more blurry.
    My third ear opened also. Noises that once would not even phase me would resonate so loudly I would have to walk away fast. Going to certain large stores over stimulate me and have to be begged or dragged to go in them. The lights are too bright along with all the stuff and too many people.
    I felt I didn’t even know who I was and still do to this day. It is almost like having amnesia or a new soul that over took your body. To me it is a return to the child inside.
    I became a child and enjoyed jumping on beds, swinging on swings and just playing. This is all part of awakening. It has been a tough road being awake because you see the good, bad and ugly. You aren’t dismissive, but know you have to be in certain situations because no one is going to understand. You love everyone and don’t understand why. You may get angry at others, but you easily forgive. You find the good in everyone, including yourself.
    You wonder if there are others out here like you and when you do find them, they are very validating for you. You have infinite empathy. You feel everything around you. Sometimes you feel as if you can just melt into a tree.
    I have been reading a book by Adyashanti and what he has said validates what happened to me.
    Your mind is so clear because you surrendered yourself and gave up. This allows your true nature to come through. You believe and just know everything is going to be okay.
    We still have an ego as long as we are living here on this earth, guess it is to survive, but you desire to become one with everything.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Unable to move in your physical body you leave it, you are dizzy, there is swirling, to much swirling and while you can see nothing but the universe moving in and out of you and you in it you can remember every ounce of love and joy you have ever felt. Then you go deeper, and the colors, and light. When you are able to close it again, I could not bare it at first, but in relaxing and letting yourself go ahead and look, you can then rest fairly soon and close your eye.
    Things never quite look the same but now it just winks open or gazes here and there so living the mundane life it must sleep too often for me. Now if I could learn to organize the family at the same time. Okay, maybe it never has shut and that’s why I still can’t see what is right in front of me all the time and can’t organize a thing or do anything mundane well. My dear friend said it best after a little argument for love having any real existence in the world ‘” you are fruity as a loon” – and then I knew he had seen what I see for a moment -joined me and caved for a second – because his sweet meaningless words were so spot on – those fruity loons, everywhere, always eating fruit!

    When this chakra – also known as the “3rd Eye” – opens up and is being stimulated, you may have a tingling electrical sensation on your brow. You may see colors, shadows, images, sparkling lights, auras, or spirits (and ghosts). Past life scenarios may play out within your inner vision, especially in your dreams – which may become very vivid and seem very real.
    i am still figuring out what it was…once i was meditating and i felt i am in a tunnel with no end …i have felt it only one time

  7. oh, the symptoms can be different for everyone.
    you can feel an itchy or tingly feeling on the forehead, some experience a pain there, some even have physical marks when the third eye opens on their forehead, you can hear people’s thoughts or see death people, you can see the particles of consciousness out of which this whole manifestation is comprised, you can have glimpses of bliss and oneness experiences with the whole etc.
    yes, experienced it myself.
    here is a beautiful video on “Awakening the third eye”:
    thank you for a beautiful question.

  8. Unity in Diversity expresses it very well, plus the video is brilliant! The third eye opens and then you really See.
    I’m back…..I was trying to remember when ….and can only remember that at a meditation, many years ago, my eyelids fluttered with such an upward pull (eyes closed) and distinct flickering in the 3rd eye, that it may have been when I first noticed very strong sensations. I’m so used to it being part of me that I had to reflect to see if there was a first time…although it could have been before this, indeed I may reflect further to remember sensations of 3rd eye.
    More….some years ago, through listening and writing ( I am clairsentient btw) I was given a healing technique that I offered my friends. I used 3rd eye and it brought light into conscious awarenes (I am really oversimplifying on purpose here to shorten this) of the participant. It is for healing on spiritual / etheric planes of being.

  9. I don’t feel as if I experienced anything so profound as to call it a new sense as in a “third eye” but the way I see it is if you take all the bells and whistles and fabrications that come from the OTHER regular senses out of the equation, this “third eye” seems to me to be a broader understanding of….things. What you once could not see you an now see. I don’t think you get a thing on your forehead or anything, I think this sense is merely a broader range of sense, like a person who has bad depth perception suddenly being able to perceive the depth he could formerly not fathom.
    In the Hindu religions there is in fact a third eye event associated with the Kundalini experience but that is information easily accessed in many books or far better from a teacher.

  10. If you awakened right now in this world you will most likely notice a tickling watery sensation – becasue most of the open third eyes are crying.

  11. For me it was right after my Stepfather died and I was living on my own for the first time at 24 years old:
    Keen awareness of my life and the people in my life at this time….
    Negative and postive vibrations to everything around me
    Hyper sensitive………………..
    Some kind of deep awakening I think of better wisdom because of the my sorrow and sadness of my Step-father leaving me they say a death can do this or a tragic occurrance in your life ….. .
    Literally my friend took a picture of me and there was a third eye on my head I will never forget that picture when my friend showed me in her car when we were hanging out :))) That was the time I truly believe my eye was COMPLETELY OPEN and I had a gift and true purpose to serve in this world :)))))))))))))

  12. When ones vision is impaired, one visits the optometrist and is issued new glasses to correct ones optical issues. Through various procedures ones original vision may possibly be restored.
    There is indeed a location within each human being known as the “Kursi”, where an optometrist may be visited. The “Eye of Wisdom” if prescribed by the optometrist, will give a human being the clarity to observe things never before observed.
    The symptoms of having visited this internal optometrist will be a clarity of ‘purpose and duty’ within ones life.
    It can be compared to a dense fog lifting, allowing the sun (son) to be once again observed. The darkness is then dispelled within ones inner heart.
    Ones original vision will then have been re-established.
    *footnote – The inner heart must be cleansed before one is allowed to visit the inner optometrist.
    Meechum Anbu (Much Love),

  13. Phae,
    We really have some delusional people sometimes on Q&A. Bless them, but I find it hard to believe they know how much real harm they are doing to themselves and others who take them seriously. Of the 54 yrs. I have been meditating I’ve had the good fortune to have been under the guidance of two masters. Twenty four yrs. doing kundalini yoga and fifteen yrs. building the Antakarana and have not yet created the lens. To answer your question before I completely boor you, I have established inner vision of both the astral and etheric planes needed to build the Antakarana. At rare times I experience a 360* vision around as though there is no body yet maintaining a sense of the inner life of the body. At other times I able to see down through other people (where they are coming from) as when looking through a 7 page plastic blueprint of the floors of a building. I’ve done astral travel for a number of years and entered others dreams. I see into others past lives when they are cooperative. I am under new guidance now with strict disciplines. He is telling me I will soon see in the Akashic field. (Copy of my earlier answer)
    Causal matter is formless but has qualities. By infusing these qualities in ourselves (meditation techniques, serving mankind, certain rhythms of breath) we can attract the Atma — Buddhi — Manas into the aura. The Antakarana has to be built out of the atomic essence of these planes.
    It is easier to say what the third eye is not. It is not an etheric charka though it is related to the Brow, Head, and Alta Major. Each charka is a battery and all three have to be charge and present. The third eye is not an endocrine gland though it is associated with both the Pineal Gland and the Pitutuitary Gland. It is an organ that emerges with the spiritual growth of the integrated personality. It results from the interplay, radioactivity and overlapping of the three centers just mentioned. The interplay of the three head centers produces a vortex of energy which, in turn becomes the focal point for the energies of Atma Buddhi and Manas at the center of the forehead. Imagine three magnets placed at the apexes of a triangle with their magnetic force fields circulating and overlapping each field within the triangle. At the center of the triangle where the three magnetic force fields cross is the third eye. It is the eye of Horus, of Egyptian mysticism; it is the straight poised snake of the Caduceus; it is the horn of the Unicorn; it is the biblical eye of “if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light”. It is an organ of inner vision of which it has been said: “Our physical eyes look before us seeing neither past nor future, but the third eye embraces eternity”. WARNING do not play with this unless you have guidance! No pain at the forehead or ringing of bells. Only visional colors are seen from the chakras in the etheric rainbow body.
    Clue: Light embraces, Kundalini, consciousness and conscious awareness throughout the one note “OM” energy of existence.

  14. The third eye begins to open when Kundalini begins to rise activating all the Chakras, each Chakra can be said to be a state of being in which cosmic consciousness experiences itself. If all 7 are not open and in tune with ALL the others meeting at the heart or 4th Chakra so that Cosmic Consciousness can express itself in the world the third eye is not completely opened. The symptom is a deep compassion for all living things including oneself because the connection with them is known, this can and does express itself sometimes as great sadness and great happiness as the sensations. This comes from my own experience, more could be said but the experience far overrides what words can say. ~Blessings~

  15. the symptoms start by hundreds of questions suddenly pump up to your mind…all of them begin by “why didn’t I….”????!!!
    it is incurable questions.

  16. Yes I have got my third eye opened in the First week of Jan 1986. It was very great day of joy and so many miracles also happened on that day. On my forehead between the eye brows the third eye got opened. I was able to feel the effect and on that day power full invisible torch was focused from my third eye. Also on that day what ever coming from my mouth was actually taking place for the people around me. They surprised as others intentions / mind was revealed to me. It was pity and I was taken to a mental doctor. But subsequently the force guided me and I have got a good Guru (Saint) who helped me a lot. Now I feel proud to tell that I am a realized soul. Now I am doing a good spiritual service in my Great Saint’s path in the irreligious manner.

  17. There is No question of 3rd Eye opening and and all that.It appears to be a mockery of “Kundalini Yoga.Lord Siva only has a 3 rd Eye (Thrayambakam)and when it opened, “Manmatha” was burned to Ashes.!!!.Normal Humans have no 3rd Eye-then they would be”Monsters”–trying to metaphorically interpret it is a waste of time.The “Pseudo Yogis” seem to take the gullibles for a ride!!!!!. The Kundalini enegy is said to “cross” the Angjna chakram(“Bru Madyay”) and finally combines with “Bindu”(“Ziva Sakthyaa Yuktho Yathi Bhavathi Sakthaha”–or-“Naadha Bindhu Kala Aadhi Namo,Namo”),which is known as “Abhishekam” in Yoga parlance.Hardly one or two people like sri.Ramakrishna Paramahansa or Maharishi Ramana might have had the experience of “Abhishekam” in the entire 20 th century(1900-2000)–All others have opened only their “Bogus'” 3 rd Eye.!!

  18. Yes I do since Mine works very well when the spirits come near.
    First of all you need to have the spirits near in order for your third eye to work. Second you have to be sensitive, open to it, and or the spirit can help you with that as they connect to one or all of your senses to get your attention. Not only does it work when I am awake, but when the spirit comes near, my third eye opens when I am asleep, It basically feels normal, I can see in the room where and what the spirit is doing, I am very aware as if I am awake. I can also feel their personal thoughts as well as communicate telepathically. If the spirit is gentle, compassionate, a spirits from a higher dimension, the feeling then and once it becomes comforting, the third eye closes as if falling off to sleep. I have experienced it many times. It’s no dream, because at times I wake up to see them leaving, or I ask them a question and receive an answer back. When asleep and the third eye is working they will communicate more to you if your able to get it to work in that stage because your not scared when your in that stage. They know who is more sensitive because the way you react when asleep, and then they know you know that they are there, because you can see, feel and or hear.

  19. I am experiencing it right now and I have felt the itchiness, vibrations, and little pain. It isnt completely open yet and a pimple has grown over it and hasn’t went away. It has been there for 3 months. I know somehow that when it does goes away that my third eye will open up. How do I get it to go away

    • Same thing happened to me except this small pimple has been here since I was a kid. I have tried so many times to pick it off but it just comes right back. I always wondered what it means and if it will ever go away. It blends in with my skin and is not noticeable unless u look very close or touch it..

  20. I’ve opened my third eye for a while now but ever since then, there have been instances when a drop of whit has fell from my forehead and I have no idea where it comes from. Sometimes I can feel a bit of water on my forehead so I’m just wondering. Can the third eye cry? and why does it happen?


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